~DRAW/Fuse Gallery/on tour


the best graphic design for a show card, still !!!

card designed by ERIK FOSS, with the help of LUCAS IRWIN – of “thunder dog design”

‘DRAW’ ran from Oct 28 – Dec 2, 2006 at FUSE GALLERY in the East Village.

curated by Fuse Gallery founder/director ERIK FOSS and CURSE MACKEY,
this big group survey show has legs ! It’s going on tour !
first stop was Austin, TEXAS , at Gallery Lombardi, MARCH 9 – MARCH 31, 2007 –
just in time to bring some real art to the big SOUTH X SOUTHWEST MUSIC FEST.

‘DRAW’ travels to London in June and onto Japan, Moscow and Beijing (TBD)

you can see the whole show on the Fuse Gallery website:


P.S. the card’s designer is unattributed – will get back to you with that info . . . asap !