who knew !!!!!!
our ‘turn-of-the-century’, rebel hardcore, underground downtown NYC art crew is going . . . conservative business / mainstream !!!!!!!!!

‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’ . . . the original 2009 documentary, is being honored at Sundance today.

none less than the WALL STREET JOURNAL is honoring ‘WE LIVE In PUBLIC’,
on the 10 year anniversary of its Sundance Grand Jury Prize, by interviewing the film’s intrepid director, ONDI TIMONER. They will be asking Ondi about . . “the technological dystopia the film prophesied & where we’re headed from here.’

the talk is 4-5 PM with cocktails, from 5-7 PM on Main St at the DELL DEN.


& . . . ‘THE REALITIES of the Internet – today (!!!!)

at left, ONDI TIMONER, the illustrious director of ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’, 2009 . .
flying into the festival, last night.
she looks pretty happy.
as well, her newest venture, ‘MAPPLETHORPE’ is opening to great acclaim, & will come to NYC this March.
image via Instagram @onditimoner

a few of my friends got together & held a BIG, BIG MILLENNIUM PARTY – the rest, apparently, is HISTORY !!!!!!!

JOSH HARRIS, “the greatest internet entrepreneur you never heard of”, or as some people like to call him: the “Andy Warhol of the web”, and the focus of the documentary, was the king of the way-off-the-mainstream, downtown art scene – when he threw the biggest art party NYC has ever seen.
that’s ALFREDO MARTINEZ, at the right of the frame. Alfredo is notorious for the live shooting gallery, with BIG GBG guns, that was in the basement of the 2 building art installion & full-on million dollar / millennial par-tay !!
Josh had recently sold his baby brainstorm, JUPITER.COM, the first internet, trend tracking company, for $81 million buckeroos.
so to say, he had deep pockets . . is NOT an exaggeration.

def, watch: the trailer – WE LIVE IN PUBLIC !!!!

lol, that’s me . . in the trailer.
I guess I became the ‘poster’ girl for . . . ‘DYSTOPIAN’.
talk about . .
when your most humiliating moment, is caught on tape, and goes on to become . . a Sundance winner.

this was the poster for the NYC premiere of ‘WE LIVE In PUBLIC’ at MOMA, back in 2009.
at the start of the doc – I was the poster girl for . . Utopia, lol.
that’s me and my kid, Theo in the pod hotel.
note the wires, cameras, and monitors !!!

over 99 artists worked & played in the week long crazy wild art party / artist residency / installation.
spread out over 2 old buildings downtown, it was open to the public 24/7 & it was PACKED !!
and probably completely illegal. above all, were the 24/7 surveillance cameras & live-streaming video.
tiny cameras & tiny screens wired beside every artist ‘pod’ / and . . (notoriously) through-out, incl showers.
the web – was being born, in real time.
it was the birth – of social media, though little did we imagine.
it was only in ‘looking back’ – that the big big picture emerges & for that, we have to thank . . Ondi Timoner , and her truly, cinematic in the fullest sense, story-telling.
she caught the action in real time, and set the story in context, 9 years later.

our fearless leader, JOSH HARRIS . . in the futuristic, ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’ communal shower.
did we say, see-thru ?

& of course !!
the new elephant in the room !!

BEN STILLER . . is set to make a feature-length recreation of the doc !!!!
and the newly hot hot hot / hot as hell !!!! JONAH HILL will play . . JOSH !!!!!!!

as if BEN isn’t hot as hell now – either.
just 3 words – says it all !!
BRETT JOHNSON, who co-wrote the SHOWTME winner, will also be scripting the ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’ feature.

oh lord,
if Tilly is any example, of what I have to look forward to, even if it’s just a ‘milli-second’ of screen time / I’m gonna have to hide away, forever.