want more SCIENCE . . with that ART ?

has his new series of RUBY PULSE LASER TRANSMISSION HOLOGRAMS . . . up for these next 2 weeks at FLUX FACTORY.

Eric says that these holograms “capture a moving image at 26th billion of a second on AGFA FILM MASTERS illuminated by laser light”. they were made at his recent artist-in-residency at OSU/OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Physics Department Holography Lab, and are a “rare form of Film Holography – not to be missed’ – !!

The Center for the Holographic Arts Presents:

‘HOLONOMIC’ – an exhibition by ERIC LEISER
MAY 1 – 10, 2015
FLUX FACTORY – 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, QUEENS. NYC.

see: more info on the artist & the exhibit / FLUX FACTORY

see: HOLOCENTER.ORG/Holonomic

from the press release:

“HOLONOMIC . . is Leiser’s new series of luminous holographic images that visually contemplate a scholars rock using falling snow, water and light.

Created during residency at the Holocenter Pulse Laser Studio these works engage the viewer and open up a conversation about holonomic brain theory.

The holographic image evokes with its multidimensional existence, eludes with its transparent volume and draws with perceptual phenomena the viewer into a philosophical paradox. The dynamic flux of perception understood through intuition is the idea of the intertwining of perceiver and perceived linked by light. The holographic image is not only spatial and color perception, a pure product of light, but this light coded information is always in the process of self-construction with our eyes, according to our movements and the point of view adopted. The Holonomic model model of human cognition developed by Neuroscientist Dr. KARL PRIBRAM (1919-2015) (RIP) describes the brain as a holographic storage network. With this series I investigate perception as a medium, pointing out (or exploring) how human cognition is intrinsically involved with co-creating our perceived world.”