wow. I didn’t realize til just now, that CANADA . . and NADA rhyme.
there has to be something to that, no ?

at any rate, the other artist to watch out for during MIAMI ART FAIR WEEK 2014, is also at NADA . .

the amazing LUKE MURPHY, who is kind of a poster child for the explosion of mental creativity that happens when deep thoughts, about the universe and ‘being’ . . of course (!!) hit hardcore hands-on . . digital knowledge.

I’ve been fascinated by Luke’s work ever since I happened upon his early solo show ‘Slope Of Anxiety’ in 2001 at the very earliest CANADA gallery venue, when it was located, in the aftermath of Pseudo’s ‘Quiet’ – in the basement of that grimy storefront building on Broadway, deep downtown . . where we had staged that blow-out million dollar Millennium Party, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC . . and I was collecting the rent for Josh.

looking back, that seems so apt, so auspicious . . so meaningful, so MAGIC, so TRUTHFUL, so RANDOM !!
so how the Universe – works.
to stumble across LUKE – like that . . in the ashes of that . . huge, futuristic, 99+ artist, wired, early social network grid of a creative art party / blow-out.

LUKE was like the single ‘seed’ of the future, peeking it’s head out – from the burned-out chaos.

it’s hard to define the realms that LUKE MURPHY traverses, except that the interactive ‘random’ animation – that appears as an ongoing ‘banner’ at the top of this page, pretty much . . says it all.
we don’t live in a ‘solid state’ . . in any more !!
and everyone is . . connected.

LUKE will be showing 3 (very different) digital projections at the CANADA, NADA MIAMI BOOTH 2014 . .
he writes that they are “about drawing, suspended potential, and trying to recognize truth, i.e. pretty lines and colors on a small screen.”
!! x !! x !!

LUKE MURPHY, ‘Watching Potential’, 2014

LUKE MURPHY, ‘KuniyoshiX Genz’, 2014

LUKE MURPHY, ‘Test Patterns’, 2014

you can actually, watch ‘Test Patterns’ on his website: ‘Test Patterns’/Works

it’s not just the color intervals, and how that ‘adds’ up to: BLACK, and . . the ‘VOID’ – but it’s also about the speeds at which ‘events’ happen, and with Luke that means randomness, and ‘generated’ numbers.

the other super interesting piece on that WORKS PAGE, is . . ‘Bad Eye Good Eye’. not only . . as an animation, and that it . . steps into real world ‘bio’ human imagery, but also because – it serves as an example of Luke’s . . dark side !!
!! x !! x !!

watch: LUKE MURPHY, ‘Good Eye, Bad Eye’.

so what I mean, is Luke also moves, image-wise – between the totally abstract, and the real (human) world.
in this universe, it’s all inter-connected – particles, patterns and . . humans. birth and decay, repeat.
oh yeah, I forgot: reproduce – i.e. pattern.
birth, reproduce, decay.

you can wander around in his multi-faceted world for yourself: LUKE MURPHY/LUKELAB

but maybe, the text in the ‘Happy Sad Bones’ project . . will help shed some light ?

and yes, that little green glass frog . . emits radioactive signals, which is picked up by the microphone, which in turn generates the ‘random’ numbers. of the digital animations.
that little frog is actually a piece of vintage, so-called ‘vaseline’ or uranium glass . . !!

it’s part of the . . RANDOMNESS – section

LUKE MURPHY . . in his Harlem studio, NYC. SEPT 1, 2014

LUKE MURPHY – artist, magician, code developer, pattern animator, randomness-maker, philosopher . . !! x !! x !!
all I know is . . this is a guy who lives 9 lives, and if half of them are SECRET, the others are surely: ‘half life’ – as in . . the ‘longevity of radioactive particles’.

in other words:
in the huge world of ‘art’ today, witness this Miami Art Fair week – LUKE MURPHY is a one-of-a-kind, in other words: he is a . . singularity.

so check out, Luke’s . . ‘projections’ at the CANADA / NADA MIAMI 2014 BOOTH.