~ABE LINCOLN, Jr . . down the hatch !!


@abelincolnjr posted this image on Istagram a little while back, and he wrote underneath:
‘In the Butt 4: Trapped under Ass, 19″ x 28″ ink on healthy colon photo – $200 DM if you want it.’

and, I thought wow – that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, plus I like his painting style . . !!
so I sprung for it.

it took me a good long while, to work up the courage to actually unroll it from the tube – but, yeah.
I’m still . . totally into – it. wtf.
gorgeous, funny, and a good statement about the world, and the art world, too.
a nice combustion of ‘reality’ meets imagination & . . voila: vve / virtual visual explosion.

plus it’s no dumb print.
what sets Abe’s wicked street poetry, miles apart in a crowded field – is that penmanship & authnticity . . of line.
and duh, that Tweety bird imagery, is my favorite subtext!!

he also sent along some – stickers !!
merci beaucoup, Abe Lincoln, Jr.

btw: does colon rhyme with . . LINCOLN, just asking !!

ABE LINCOLN, Jr. sticker, hand-colored & signed . . 4-1/4 x 5-1/4 in.

ABE LINCOLN, Jr. sticker, hand-colored, signed & inscribed: ‘THANKS NANCY!’ . . 4-1/4 x 5-1/4 in.

ABE LINCOLN, Jr. sticker, hand-colored . . happy boy. 2-1/2 x 4 in.

who says, micro art buying – doesn’t exist ?
they just don’t have . . the eyeballs.

or, the ‘guts’.

PHOTOS: NANCY SMITH / except where noted @abelincolnjr via Instagram.