~David Aron

David Aron # 1
David Aron # 2
David Aron # 3
David Aron # 4
David Aron # 5

IF I HAD $200 I’d order a pack of 5 handmade patches from David Aron.
They actually go for $125 per pack, and are unique to the extent that the
fabric changes and the images do too, as they are made on a low fi Japanese
imprinting kit, called ‘printgocco’. (The ‘paper’ screen can only sustain
a limited number of impressions.)
They are used in Japan to make homemade
New Year’s cards.

each patch is approx. 4 x 6 in.

you can place your order thru: goodies@littlecakes.org

DAVID exhibited a garland of these patches, titled as ‘Stations’ in the 2005
exhibit: ‘CARRY ON’, curated by RICH JACOBS and ABIGAIL SCHOLAR, at
FEIGEN CONTEMPORARY – to see the garland, and to see a detail