great tattoo art on the NYC/NJ PATH TRAIN !! JULY 11, 2009.

FUCK THE LOW – bullet holes and all.

pretty much says it all … ART SCENE – NYC – SUMMER of 2009.
A thru Z.
artists and dealers. hard-pressed careerists & trust fund babies. celebrity spawn wannabes. no diff – all slime.

. . . its just rainin’ losers in NYC – what can I tell ya. here’s the top 2 contenders !!

1. dedicated to the hard-scrabble artist who told me: “nice job. I’ll give you a cut of whatever else she buys …” (June 16, 2009). right. we know what happened there. nada.
heard you had new book come out – too bad you have nowhere to publicize it.

2. and, super dedicated to . . . the young ‘dealer’ (LOL) – and the only other gallery in this increasingly desperate recession racked scene – (besides that larger mainstream serial affair – quickly approaching white elephant status & behind-the-curve – irrelevancy – well, you really can’t call what they peddle … contemporary art – maybe it’s modern art ?) to be debuting a brand new 4 star space this Fall !!
name names ? … go do your own goddamn homework. but hint: in a funny coincidence both dealers’ last names – start with a “Z” !! though one is young and the other wants to look young.
. . . who told me:
after a tortuous 2 month correspondence – which he initiated, after stalking me at other people’s openings, I might add – and then swamped me with tons of vanity press releases . . . and held out, for more than a month !! – a promised ‘carrot’ – his gallery would sponsor a front page banner on the site. right. when asked to put up or shut up – (I got his number years ago) – all he could say was: what a mistake it was to “have encouraged me” – dissing the site – and its contribution to the scene – – with these soon to be famous last words !! – “I have 2 books coming out and 3,500 sq. ft.” (July 23, 2009). so what.
it’s all paid for – by daddy.
believe me a helluva of a lot of other people in this town would have 3,500 SF galleries if their daddies were CEOs of major telecommunications corporations – but big diff is – they have talent – and they would rule – not head into becoming the laughing stock of the scene. like my best friend says – people don’t go to galleries to look at the furniture – you gotta have content – and guess what big guy – you don’t.

further: I bet just like Bernie – you got a little dick. at least – I didn’t bend down to suck it.

he also said my site verged on ‘harassment ‘ – so hey – let’s really throw some ugly shit around.

whatever happened to the glory days of free-spirited and super-opinionated art criticism – anyways ?

and, never mind your new designer space, your stable of artists is just that – full of ‘dreck’ – go ask some ole time New Yorker – what that means !!

I saw more art – coming out of Hanna’s old 150 sq. ft. living room on the Lower East Side … !!

. . . and – dude, if you can’t take the heat – stay outta the kitchen !!