~BEN FURGAL . . SPACE 1026 / PHILLY / last weekend to catch . .

SEPT 5 thru SEPT 28, 2014

heads up, all you thinkers, dreamers, and SCIENTISTS !!
and, PLEASE PLEASE remain . . CALM, & OBJECTIVE !!
whilst retaining the MAGICAL !!

artist, curator, musician (EVIL SWORD) & co-director of MAGIC PICTURES BEN FURGAL is on the loose and playing with fire, er UFO’S . .
and, damn it – if he ain’t talkin . . BLACK LIGHT !!
and . . DIAGRAMS !!
for sure, BEN’S got a foot in the ANDREW GUENTHER / ROB PRUITT camp, or what / !!
anybody . . out there ?!!!!!!!

we’ll let BEN tell you all about the show – in his own words via his MAGIC PICTURES SITE.
check it out for the full text.
nice texting – BEN.

SPACE 1026 & BEN FURGAL . . also produced some great limited edition BLACK LIGHT POSTERS for the show . .
designed by BEN & printed by EMILIA BRINTNALL, it’s a limited edition of 50, with each & every poster signed by each artist.
at $25 a pop – that’s a steal. or in other words: a whole lotta BIG MAGIC !!
available online from MAGIC PICTURES/store.


that should last me a day or so,
or at least until the next time I see a mushroom-shaped UFO, and all the time/space traveler/tourists inside are waving hello !! at me !! must have been a CRUISE SHIP, UFO.
yeah, instead of scribbling in black sharpie on my brand new white nylon hoodie bomber jacket,
“I just saw a UFO and so did JOHN LENNON”, I’ll definite try to remember those cautionary words, well mostly because, who knew . . black sharpie runs – in the rain on nylon !!

actually, true story: I once wore the jacket to a Rob Pruitt opening, in fact the one before his iPhoto show – and he actually asked my friend . . “who did the writing on her jacket” ?!!!!
I almost died for . . happiness.
oh yes, a little recognition goes a long way.
see – everything comes round, eventually.
life is one big hook-up – even in the Big Apple.

UP-DATE: 1:31 PM – NYC

I think Joan Rivers was right, you still gotta laugh, god forbid . . you should have to cry.
Joan Rivers, RIP. I’d like to hear her take on this.
(Kathy Griffin – a very bad idea, bye the way. just let KELLY OSBOURNE run the show, for awhile and have a lot of guests, like Jesse J and show some respect . . for one-of-a-kind talent.
E channel . . take it slow. don’t be so damn desperate.)
the next Julian Schnabel isn’t a pseduo-Julian guy’s guy, it’s . . Jean Michel. the next Jean Michel isn’t the next cute Basquiat look-alike, it’s Sean Vegezzi.

funny how the more magic the world gets, in the face of darkness.
just get . . your magic on.

I just want to have this on the record.

just to show you what kind of world we live in,

I guess it isn’t funny to say, when the going gets tough think: magical. this is,
well, this is what you get when you hard-wire a species to territorial violence. I mean these guys have nothing to do over there. no science, no music, no art. no no nada. fascist mindset.
while we are . . all culture. 110%.
as they say, big gap. big problem.
anybody listening, out there.

the fascist mindset. all black and white, no imagination – locked into a corner, cornered is not a good thing. sounds like a ROB PRUITT scenario I just saw, with the little black cat trying to get down.

in fact.
I had a cat when I was growing up, she was all black, with one white paw, and I named her ISIS after the Egyptian goddess. I was like, 7. so, boo ya. so, all my secret answers to my all os / password questions are: what was the name of your first pet, and . . you know it.
everything comes round. if NSA is scanning for passwords . . they got me.

I wanna say, maybe that’s the first step in really comprehending: the infinite. infinity.
truly thinking past the diminished ‘secular’ dimensions of the truly shallow 3-D ‘bio’ plane we currently inhabit, even though all basic cultures on this planet believe/d in other-ly spirits, ghosts, and afterlife, of some sort.
but it’s too optimistic.
I will be eating my words like a sad Joan Rivers, making fun of North West – the cutest baby on the face of the earth. knock on wood. if anything goes wrong. my kids saw the World Trade Centers go down, now they gotta send me links to this . . scheisse ?!!
I bet every parent in NYC – is thinking this.
so uncool. so un-evolved.
I brought kids into the world . . for this ?

I wanna say, where’s my ghost army.
but look what China did to Tibet.

can’t the opposing ghost armies just fight it out, among themselves – up there in the 4th dimension.
of course Bob Marley’s ghost army is gonna win ?!!
damn, I knew the taliban blowing up those 2 huge ancient rock Buddhas in Afghanistan, was a BAD IDEA.

where’s that god damn UFO tourist ship ?
come on, suck up those bad dudes, already.
or do we all look the same from a distance. we all suck, basically. art world included.
I mean come on . . 3/4 of it is a mean & nasty scam.
otherwise you would NOT be reading this.

as for the the most intimate ‘bio’ unit.
I could personally kill my thieving Aunt Piggy . . don’t get me started.
as for marriage. don’t get me started, either. we all know you kill the one you love.
don’t wish for . . does come to mind.

on a happier, more pro-‘creatives’, creativity . . note,

I wanna say look what the black slaves did here, I mean they were brought here against, AGAINST their will and mistreated beyond the beyond, but they had music, ok trite but I’m trying to say it in a nutshell / blogger time . . and, they believed in God perhaps even more than their ‘oppressors’, they sought refuge in that spirituality, and expressed themselves in that powerful music – that begat SISTER ROSETTA, and JAMES BROWN . . and we all know America runs on the power, the legacy of their blues, gospel . . their music. I mean . . they became our strength. seriously.
who would have known when we brought them here. kicking and screaming, in chains.

I mean white American culture was the SHAKERS, the AMISH, the Puritans think on that !!
the mind-set of the witch hunters. the scarlet letter. repression, and hypocrisy with a capital, R and H.
the Shakers, nice artifacts, great art on many levels. but no sex, not even for reproduction. never mind no music. talk about your ‘literal ‘bio’ dead end.
so thank god for Black Americana. just compare the archival photos of Shaker elders to the ole time Br’er Rabbit folks. Shaker ‘shaking’ vs. the cake walk. jumping the broomstick. if you study quilts – you can really understand how the ‘improvisation’ mindset, in a word: Jazz, juke . . how it shook up, enriched the whole European straight-lace right angle edge thing, seriously those guys over there need a little more rock and roll, and whole lot less repression.

ok so, I took it for a . . a little, ok, a long and personal walk around the block, so sue me.
I’m a New Yorker.