. . . if JOSH was the man – ALFREDO MARTINEZ was the candy man – at QUIET. His shooting gallery was the juice – the non-stop creative engine – of the party. Situated next to the Interrogation Room – its the shots from these assault rifles that punctuate the scenes of the “interrogations” in the movie.
Josh and Alfredo had acquired proper legal “film set production” licenses to run the shooting gallery, and all and any visitors to QUIET – were free to shoot them – under strict supervision. They were real guns, and they were big ones.
P.S. I believe it was ALFREDO – who brought PS1 FOUNDER – ALANNA HEISS – to QUIET. He had been showing some big Robot/Gun installations there.

ALFREDO MARTINEZ is currently in CHINA – as some kind of foreign artist-in-residence – despite his serving time – 2 years in the federal slammer – for forging Basquiats, well that’s another story – back to China – I guess they like ’em – hard core !!

see: ALFREDO MARTINEZ/2008 interview on VICE !!

in anticipation of some new publicity – ALFREDO recently sent us some images of his new ‘gun’ work from BEIJING !!

Alfredo # 1

alfredo # 2

Alfredo # 3

Alfredo # 4

Alfredo # 5

alfredo # 6