~B, J … and, V is for VEGAN. ‘sNice !!

MORE PIX . . . from the opening of ‘untitled type 5’ – curated by RICHARD MEHL

at ‘sNice, a vegetarian cafe in the West Village, NYC.
the show opened Dec 11, 2012 and ran thru Dec 30, 2012.

‘B’ is for … be here, now !!
this exuberant and, well – ‘kingly’ !! … ‘B’ is by … KENTON POWELL.


Don’t you .. ‘j’ me !!
a most wonderful, painterly . . . ‘J’ by – HAENARA IM.

HAENARA IM – with her ‘J’ . . . .

AERIAL CHEN, her contribution was more of a . . . conceptual/design/3D project.

AERIAL CHEN, at left, with her project .. of many books, which were arrayed along the middle bookshelf, and which were deeply cut into, so that the covers, now read as … numerals.
the piece is titled, ‘Pure Love Triangle’, 2012.
Found books, textured paper and foam board.

detail, AERIAL CHEN .. ‘Pure Love Triangle’.

“. . . while a love triangle is typically a socially unfavorable form of relationship, it is not the case here. ‘Pure Love Triangle’ explores the connections between the uprising of Vegetarianism, Veganism, along with ‘sNice, and expressing it through the combination of typography, form, and the environment.” ~ project statement, Aerial Chen.

detail, AERIAL CHEN, ‘Pure Love Triangle.’

detail, AERIAL CHEN, ‘Pure Love Triangle.’

close-up detail, AERIAL CHEN, ‘Pure Love Triangle’.

Designer/artists: RICHARD MEHL, the show’s curator, with AERIAL CHEN . . . at the opening of ‘untitled type 5’, ‘sNice, NYC, Dec 11, 2012.


note: more pix from the opening to follow . . .