~DIFC Gulf Art Fair 2007

Gulf Art Fair # 1
(image: DIFC Gulf Art Fair 08-10 MARCH 2007 brochure)

The first ever DIFC GULF ART FAIR opens tonight. It runs from 08-10 MARCH 2007.
It takes place in DUBAI, UAE (United Arab Emirates), which wants to add another
“must-be” destination to the already over-taxed schedule of wealthy collectors.
or seen another way, brings …
high end/high priced “blue chip” art directly home to the mother lode of petro dollars.
(right off the bat – the locale sure looks a lot better than the Armory piers !!)

Some of the 40 international galleries participating:
Diana Lowenstein MIAMI
Galerie Enrico Navarra PARIS
Malca Fine Art NEW YORK
Sundaram Tagore NEW YORK
White Cube LONDON

the above image – on the brochure is: :
MARIKO MORI, Beginning of the End (Future), 1996-2006,
Jumeriah, Dubai, courtesy the artist and Albion, London
note: that’s MARIKO MORI in one of her spaceship bubbles in the foreground.

Go for it boys
: go get those petro dollars and bring them back home, at least we have something they want ….. who’d have ever thought it .. artists .. contemporary artists, no less .. key to Western economic stability.

guess we really are a decadent, or dying civilization, reminds us of the ROMAN’S love for Greek art, or our own fascination with our vanquished Native American art. Next on the agenda: petro dollars franchise The Louvre ! (price: approx US$540 million)

now, if only it was just as cheap for hordes of dead broke artists to hop a plane to Dubai, as it is to grab a cheap flight to Miami ! they’d have it made. .. the beach looks great.
but better leave the ‘bad’ coke at home !

… the fair must be kosher, New York City slang for “alright” – its got artnet.com listed as a sponsor . .. has WALTER ROBINSON finally hit the big bucks for covering an ART FAIR ? and what’s this, OMG – can there really be a “TimeOut – DUBAI” ..

and . . . just what exactly is that ‘DIFC gulf art fair’ logo design trying to say. . .
(1st image below – on the lower right hand corner ?)

Gulf fair   2

Gulf art fair   3

above images: also from the DIFC Gulf Art Fair MARCH 2007 Brochure
(that top row reads: “ASAL”, “artnet.com”, “TimeOut-Dubai” & “canvas”)

UP DATE: MARCH 14, 2007: .. early buzz back from the fair – was that it was a “bust” – with less than expected sales.