Nicholas is off to the graduate masters program at the School of Art at Yale University, Painting & Printmaking Program – this upcoming September.

NICHOLAS STEINDORF and his small selection of brand new works . . .
we first encountered his minimalist right-on-point canvases at a small dinner party in Williamsburg, this past Jan 2012. intrigued, we showed up to his recent video works screening, this spring 2012 – at the very happening ENTWINE, which was curated by CoWorker Projects – and it was good, real good !!
check out the report: NICHOLAS STEINDORF ‘Videos’ at ENTWINE = presented by CoWorker

NICHOLAS STEINDORF, acrylic, enamel, and paper collage on canvas.
as par with the great dynamic at the Bushwick Open Studios – we got to dialog with the artist .. Nicholas said this about his work:
“I consider my paintings, like my videos, to be first and foremost pure information. So to speak the answers are in the work. Once that is experienced then conversations and concerns about conceptual underpinnings can be addressed.”

NICHOLAS STEINDORF, acrylic, enamel and paper collage on canvas.

Nicholas Steinfdorf, a shaped canvas, in a ‘concrete’ hue. acrylic, oil, and paper collage on canvas.
no joke, it takes a multi-layer of paint, acrylic and oil (!!) to achieve this in-your-face melodic non-tone,
and a hardcore theoretical, as well as purely visual, and playful (!!) – eye.

NICHOLAS STEINDORF – the shaped canvas from the side.
throwing code at us – like a frisbee.
throwing sensuality at us – like a dream come true.

detail, NICHOLAS STEINDORF, shaped canvas.
a lot of things come to mind. mysteries and metaphors, as well as just sheer and pure, visual – tracking.
the always ‘exploring’ forward-reaching ‘trace’ of mankind, our human intervention, and determination – in the physics of the world we find ourselves afloat. the code of ‘sensuality, or ‘touch’ as old as the palm prints in the earliest cave drawings – that makes us uniquely human. the primal human urge to create – to make, and leave – our ‘mark’.
even, incised tattoos !! same impulse.
mankind vs the rest of the bio species, and mankind born with a fierce desire to differentiate amongst itself.
man vs man. and, yet in this work the harmonious vibe of the hue itself, also calls to mind: one man, reaching out to communicate to the many. a stab for the relentless reach for the unknown, aka creativity – as opposed to the static of the imposed formula . . .

nothing . . . is written – in stone.

esp in the era of the web. esp in the history of art. esp in the future, and science . . . . of mankind.

NICHOLAS STEINDORF, painting on paper.
making us both question, and be visually ‘content’ – at one, and the same time. the brain hits the paper and splits off in different directions. like a spectrum of ideas – meets a spectrum of ‘plasticity’ – meets a gorgeous hard-to-define hue – and refracts back – in harmony.

you can see more of the wide range of his visually rich, theory sophisticated work, here: NICHOLAS STEINDORF

NICHOLAS STEINDORF, ‘Whitman’, 2011. 46 x 25 ins. individually. ink jet print on canvas, acrylic on mdf, and enamel on canvas.
screen grab from his website/Whitman page.

you can also watch his videos on his website, here’s: NICHOLAS STEINDORF, ‘Hey Jude’, 2011