~JERRY . . hits back !! J0RDAN CASTEEL . . . by way of CARROLL DUNHAM

JERRY SALTZ hits back . . with a definite on-your-mark take, for . . young JORDAN CASTEEL.

and bye the way, though he’s slow and sexist, in the wrong way !! Jerry has one very big claim to fame – he turned everybody onto CARROLL DUNHAM, way before his daughter, and seemingly his paintings come-to-life !! LENA DUNHAM . . made such huge media waves. I still remember reading an early review he wrote on Carroll Dunham, must have been decades ago, it stuck in my mind like . . . bubble gum under a school desk.
Jerry Saltz: bumble, bumble, stumble & . . . hit !!

CARROLL DUNHAM painting in his current show, Dec 2015 – at BARBRA GLADSTONE.
image via Instagram – @walterrobinsonstudio
thanks, Walter !!

installation shot – via BARBARA GLADSTONE GALLERY

image via instagram feed of Jordan Casteel . . @jordanmcasteel

not quite, stung by a bee – but, still . .
bumble, bumble, stumbled on it, COUNTS !!

art critic JERRY SALTZ hits up, thumbs up !! – JORDAN CASTEEL’S 2nd solo show at Sargent’s Daughters on the Lower East Side, up thru . . NOV 15, 2015.
often labelled a ‘lounge critic’ for his fondness for all things naked, esp women & even more so, with a horrible focus on anything with their exposed & blown-up . . private parts !! !! and a contrarian, worn-out – slightly whining & very annoying . . public stand stand for politically correct, art world neglected subjects . . as in women artists, and artists . . “of color”.
memo to Jerry:
art is not a democracy, Jerry . . it’s a meritocracy.
skills, vision . . trump gender and race.

all of which, might have been how Jerry first got turned onto this young female, Yalie’s work, which was formerly focused on strong, no-holds barred portraits of naked black men . . a young black, African-American is prob the better term, woman artist painting young African American males, often harsh in vision, harsh in painterly expression, often explicit . . wow !! all the Jerry elements bundled up – in one sentence !!

but, although it seems an obvious choice for him: nakedness, woman artist, ‘minority’ woman artist, ‘minority’ subjects, Yalie, Harlem studio, figurative, etc etc – he did in fact stumble upon – a true blue vein of creative vision.
go, JERRY !!!!

JORDAN CASTEEL, ‘Miles & Jojo’, 2014. Oil on canvas, 54 x 72 in.
image: Sargent’s Daughters

read more about JORDAN CASTEEL . . .
and see more of her work on the gallery website: Jordan Casteel-Sargent’s Daughters

take the time to get into that gallery website to contrast Jordan’s first show – with this one. she really took the ball, of opportunity – that was thrown at her . . . and ran with it. a great show !! a big leap in maturity, artistic/plastic interest and above all: VISION and . . WARMTH !!
a big evolution – in just 2 years !!
go, Jordan !!


in the art world, nothing is written in stone !!
though the tattoo world can sure, get under your skin.