subtext: sucker-punch realism

pick your poison . . . !!
white trash hillbilly, or . . Southern black bumpkins !!

‘Neither Devils Nor Divines’ – Rebecca Morgan, Mark Thomas Gibson
opened Sat Sept 14
the show runs thru . . OCT 13, 2019.
Mother Gallery, 1154 North Ave, Beacon NY 12508

note: Rebecca Morgan courtesy of Asya Geisberg Gallery, NY / Mark Thomas Gibson courtesy of Fredricks & Freiser, NY

more background: ‘Neither Devils Nor Divines’ / Press release – Mother
list & photos of works: list of works / Mother


REBECCA MORGAN . . with the limited edition, custom design ‘Corn Cob Bumpkin’ ‘Handkerchief’/ ‘bandanna’,
ROCK SOUP produced for her, $25.
yes !! of course, I got one – when they first came out.

Rebecca Morgan, hand-built porcelain jugs.
I had only seen these in photographs / it was such a great exhilaration to examine them in the – round.
I am also, absolutely c-r-a-z-y – for the gallery’s . . authentic / raw, up-cycled space !!
these are raw, new visions / like most of the work on this gallery’s agenda – and, they are not quite ready to be behind static, sacred ‘museum’ display cases yet !!
come on . . art world, let the new art: rebel, revel, and . . reveal !!
a little bit first, before you encase them – with ‘certified’ branding.

now that’s a . . . fierce one.
more like a tantric Tibetan Buddhist god of death, change . . & warning / a guardian.
than a clueless, horny . . ‘ruralist’, lol.
REBECCA MORGAN, ‘Oatmeal Jug’, 2015.
Porcelain / 6.50 x 4 x 3.50 in.

she might be a dirty girl (!!), but she sure looks sweet – to me.
REBECCA MORGAN, ‘Dirty Girl’, 2014.
oil on panel / 20 x 18 in.

this bloke – was a fav.
just something about how the face is modeled, really fascinated me.
prob coming from the use of . . graphite, as well as oil paint.
REBECCA MORGAN, ‘Hunter or Hipster Male’, 2012.
Graphite & oil on panel / 26 x 22 in.

MARK THOMAS GIBSON, with his found puppy Mars, short for Marsden Hartley.

now here is a guy who just radiates with a secret, street smart, folktale, & maybe even, political . . sense of humor, and an down-to-earth self-awareness.
L: MARK THOMAS GIBSON, ‘Self-Portrait – Beach Front’, 2019.
ink on paper, 55 x 76 in.
R: MARK THOMAS GIBSON, ‘Self-Portrait – Sunshine State’, 2019.
Ink on paper, 55 x 76 in.

MARK THOMAS GIBSON, ‘Self-Portrait – The Quiet Storm’, 2019.
Ink on paper / 55 x 76 in.
it kinda says to me . . I give-up / this world is nuts.
it’s raw, but tender / cartoonish – but straightforward.
very thrilling, in fact. in a quiet, under-the-radar way.
great draftsmanship / great compositioon, but above all – heart-strings pulling / funny.
come on, lighten up world / crack a few jokes.
it’s got that gentle humor of ‘Uncle Remus’.
but make no mistake, underneath it all – is an abstract painter !!
just consider the lyrical wash of the color, and the dreamy yet tight, infra-structure.

little did I know what kind of busy bee / hard-core rebel artists hornets nest,
I was about to kick over – when I innocently stepped into this upstate scene / acting on an invite from Daniel Giordano & Samuel Boehm . . / of Vicki !!
the most fun scene right now, no holds bared.
the art & the artists . . amped up / vibrant, dynamic & well . . . they sucker-punch it – to ya.
every time.
no doubt about it.