~SIMON CERIGO . . wants to know !! yo, . . WALTER ROBINSON !! what up ?!!

so, even though SIMON is R.I.P. . . .
he did manage to whisper a few little nothings . . in my ear, for Valentine’s Day, yesterday.

this is what – he wants to know:

“IS WALTER a millionaire . . . yet ?
I got a couple of DAN ASHERS . . . to sell him !!”


“what took him – so long !!”

good question !!!!

WALTER ROBINSON . . large painting, at the right – at the WHITNEY Museum, featured in the New York Times Art section this weekend, headlining a review by Roberta Smith.

who cares what she wrote, and . . more annoyingly, what took her so long ?
more than 3 decades (!!) to get that Walter – was a genius American painter ???
no matter:
that half page photo by JAKE NAUGHTON for the New York Times – is worth a thousand words !!!
gorgeous !!!

left: KATHE BURKHART, ‘Prick’: From the Liz Taylor Series (Suddenly Last Summer), from 1987, reprises a movie scene with Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift.

lol, and Walter could be a prick, too. if truth be told, ha.
just . . if any hard-core insiders are reading.
ok. ok. people say bad things about me too, & prob well-deserved, I don’t “suffer fools gladly”, and they wonder why I’m . . .”bitter”,
but . . hey, it’s just very funny – if you are in the know !!

right: WALTER ROBINSON, ‘Baron Sinister’, acrylic on child’s bed sheet, from 1986.

PHOTO of the NEW YORK TIMES page: KATE CERIGO, Simon’s (and mine) daughter, who was born in 1986 / and lived through it all, & is just starting to . . . tell-the-tale, from the inside track !!
“Under the Volcano” . . . !!!!

and apparently . . it’s a tale that needs – to be told !!
I don’t see any of these 80s painters – in that Whitney show !!

but, you know what they say, the longer it takes you to rise up to the top, the more critically acclaimed & important – your spot at the top shines. so, wtf !!
#dontbelievemejustwatch !!

I figure it’s no accident / I’m still around to kick the news up, good and hard.
#fate #destiny #NYCartcrticsaresodumb
the NYC art market is so slow / & can we say: as in, retarded, as well ?!!

a young SIMON CERIGO, he was just 34, when this photo was taken, in 1986 . .
in his short-lived SIMON CERIGO GALLERY on AVE A, in the East Village, with an early WALTER ROBINSON painting, often referred to as ‘Ape Reporter’. it’s actually titled, by Walter – on the back: ‘DAD’.
Simon was one of the first to buy & exhibit Walter’s work.
archival photo: NANCY SMITH

ps: fashionistas . . note the totally buttoned-up shirt / with no tie.
was the guy on point, or what ?
way too-ahead of his times, no wonder his life feel hard, into . . ‘forget my woes’ partying.

WALTER ROBINSON, ‘Revenge’, 1982. acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 ins.
this was in our collection, from day one !! meaning the early 80’s.
it still has the original Metro Pictures label – on the back.
we had to sell it, to feed the kiddies / to Simon’s sister, Helene Cerigo Lupatkin, the doctor, lol,
but at least it stayed – in the family.

an absolute gorgeous / early painting, ‘Revenge’ was included in the the big WALTER ROBINSON retrospective, and it was also shown at . . DEITCH PROJECTS, recently.
PHOTO: taken in her home, by HELENE CERIGO LUPATKIN, MD.

so, yeah.
me and Simon owed at least 10, if not more (!!) of Walter’s works, including one on a large white bed sheet, in varying sizes and of different subject matter, from the 80s on.
any time any dough came our way – we bought another.
Simon, was sure they were no-brainers, (and so was I) but no matter how hard he tried to sell them, there were . . no takers. he couldn’t even give them away. yes, it was that bad.
no help from the ‘Times’.

it took the art world . . over 30 years to catch up to – us !!
I just wish Simon was alive – to see this.

I bet a lot of Simon’s rich, but useless collector pals, are kicking themselves in their sorry fat asses – now.