~OBEY/Shepard Fairey

OBEY # 1

OBEY # 2

OBEY # 3

Photos: Nancy Smith – OBEY, different locations, Downtown Manhattan, March 2006

don’t know about where you live, .. but if you live in Manhattan you know this face. alot of people thought it was a caricature of ALFREDO MARTINEZ when it first surfaced. NOT!

The work of SHEPARD FAIREY – now becoming a bonafide artist, ‘who sort of had to re-locate to SAN FRANCISCO’, abruptly, … OBEY has now been ‘hijacked’ by a major advertising firm, with no imagination of its own, the slogan: ‘OBEY’ , in almost exactly the same typeface & scale … rides the city buses in banners for some godawful banal consumer product like a soda or something. the product too banal to be remembered – the hijacking of the artwork – priceless !

more OBEY/ SHEPARD FAIREY art at the McCaig=Welles temporary Manhattan space – ‘fountain’.