Anton also has a one man show at Each Modern . . .

OCT 22 – NOV 26, 2022
EACH MODERN, 38 Lane 79, Sec. 2 Xinyi Rd.,Taipei, Taiwan

image via Instagram @eachmodern

what I like about Anton’s work, is that it’s not too loopy, too cute, or even poetic.
there’s a real depth of soul, and research / that informs the authenticity of the works’ plasticity, – which really walks that painterly hard-edge line, with . . fresh vision.
it’s tough painting, that unfurls with a narrated . . resonance, often a fictional mystery or magic (such as a flowerpot with a scowl), or gives delicate, swirling flight to a figure of myth, but it’s never heavy on the stormy side, it’s still – all about painting.
he’s also an inspired, (mostly line) draftsman, & bold colorist.

ANTON KONST, to the right /
in a brilliant tie-dye hoodie – made in a small shop back home in Brooklyn.
image via @annntone Instagram Story via @wu_meichi

ANTONE KONST . . having a blast – in Taiwan !!
image via Instagram Story @annntone via @eachmodern

ANTON KONST, ‘Dogwood’, 2022.
oil on linen / 78 x 60 in.
in ‘SIRENS’ – Each Modern, Taipei.
image via Instagram @annntone