so all things considered – it looks like fashion scribe EDWARD BARSAMIAN and the NEW YORK TIMES nailed it when they published (Jan 15, 2012) this most on-point dress from PRABAL GURUNG’S first pre-fall collection.

the exquisite, thin shirt-collar dress with its black edging and elegant black & white ‘cosmic’ geo-print – caught the very essence and edge of the black water (!!) Chinese New Year of the Dragon – 2012.

and dig those shiny black shirt sleeve cuffs !! so tailored, or what.
at first I wasn’t sure about that extra flap at the back – but now I absolutely adore it. it’s so fashion forward. it’s so like, empowering. when (lucky !!) you wear that dress – you know – you are state-of-the-art.

and the big pink translucent shades – !!

at first you wondered: what the hell, in winter . . . til the solar storm hit and the weather goes south in the North East. wow, maybe they weren’t kidding – about how much we need that ozone layer.

read: ‘In Rehearsal’, by EDWARD BARSAMIAN – NEW YORK TIMES

PRABAL GURUNG, at the Spring 2008 Bill Blass fashion show/GETTY IMAGES/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.
He spent almost 5 years at Bill Blass before launching his own line in 2009.

. . . and, here’s a sweet web journey !! check this out.

not just a fashionista’s dream – it’s also a feast for any graphic designer worth their weight in clean machine design.
well, seriously – anybody visual will love it. incl cutting edge comic book artists !!

check out: PRABAL GURUNG – OFFICIAL WEBSITE – with a link to a video – of that right-on pre-fall 2012 collection.