~THE ACID GREEN LIGHT . . of Nuclear Radiation

Q: What’s worse than your hubby fffffucking the household nanny ?
A: the green glow of radiation ssssickness.

and you think, we don’t . . eat our – young ?

THE ACID GREEN LIGHT . . of the SUMMER of 2015 – !!

well, I can categorically report that Instagram is great platform for trend-spotting.
and – telepathy. or as we like to call it: T & T to the maxxxxx !!!

Green, once the grassy warm fuzzy huggy color of bio-health, organic farming, and positive thinking things like . . Green Lit – to happen !!, is now the subconscious color of fear, chaos, in a word: nuclear destruction, nuclear explosion, & including nuclear plant accidents, radiation sickness, putrid water, barren soil for devades if not cneturies.

hell no, I don’t want Iran to have nuclear capability, I don’t want anybody to have nuclear capability, we are just not advanced enough, as a PEOPLE to handle it. I mean, we can eat our young, with our bare hands – so, thank you very much.

shout-out to the YELLOW DOGS, the ex-pat Iranian band that got blown away in Brooklyn a few years back. tell me their anti-Iran repressive gov’t big mouths – didn’t get them blown to smithereens. we never did hear how that ‘disgruntled’ band member got his hands on that big assault rifle, did we.

and of course the USA is right in there like a dirty shirt, make that a dirty pair of shit smeared underwear. natives of Bikini atoll, lend me your island for a weekend and $60 each. 60 years or so on, and it’s still not safe for the native sons – to return.

and what about JAPAN. damn, they got it coming and going, just like a used-up porn star. they got bombed, and then half a century later, they shot themselves in the nuclear ass, ok – foot. too.

so, what’s the coolest color this summer, or what ?

acid green light, and then like an collective empathy, a kind of ‘fellow-well-meet’ cosmic dusting, a small puppy brood – of fruit ‘loopy’ colors – of all neon hues, spins the art world, from . . NYC EVIE FALCI rhinestones – to LA. KB, better known on these pages as: ‘ain’t KARMA a BITCH’.
you know . . like, watermelon slices . . adorning Venus.


I guess the neon radiance had been seeping in all summer, til it jumped right back at me, as I was bemoaning my sorry financial state, due to lowlife ‘Christianos’ Jersey City tenats not paying the rent, (yeah, karma is a bitch, tell me about it !!) and I caught the evil-green hue – shining as sickly magnetic radiation like morning-light on my vintage green glass, in a lower case window.

SADIE LASKA – at Marlborough Gallery on Broome St.
image via Instagram

no sooner do I go to post it, when what pops up before my very eyes: @SadieLaska’s green light spilling on figure. I’m dumb-struck. I feel like – Japan !! double whammy. T & T.
Trend-spotting & Telepathy – !! – I guess that should be . . T’NT !!

and it just keeps on . . rollin’.
VENUS OVER LOS ANGELES – image via gallery website

TAYLOR McKIMENS, summer 2015 – image via Instagram

TAYLOR McKIMENS, summer portrait sketch, in acid wash colors – image via Instagram

TAYLOR McKIMENS Instagram feed – was the first . . to tip me off.
though truth be told, he was leaning in this direction . . in his recent NYC Indie show – produced by Paul Bright of Bright Lyons.

not to forget the scintillating summer sketches of NYC ex-pat MIKE PARE aka @easyjammer.

of course, getting back to . . WEIRD KARMA !!
nobody – escapes !!

ARTLOVERS FAN MAIL – from PACO, in WASHINGTON DC !! – image via Instagram

I GOT ‘FROOT-LOOPY’ FAN MAIL, inspired by the enemy: KB – ain’t KARMA A BITCH !!
boomeranged back at me – like a real sick banana – or what !!

OK: for the uninitiated, I have a top ten ‘user’ list,
and, coming in at the top 3 slots are:
KG, KB & BB – and, trust me – they know who they are !!

YEP, artlovers glows with the toxic light – too !!