so, yep here is the MOMA – MUSEUM OF MODERN ART NYC – BROCHURE OF EVENTS FOR JULY 2010 !! – starring JOSH HARRIS !!
in the see-thru custom built – community !! – shower – he had designed and built for QUIET – the Pseudo Millennium Party – featured in WE LIVE IN PUBLIC !!
(and ya, you better believe there were a plenty of live action camera feeds – directed on that baby.
you coudld watch the action, 24/7 – in the bubble dining room – in real time !!
and yah, I took showers in it – but alone – and, with a huge fleece blanket wrapped around me !!)
it had huge hot water aplenty – unlike Josh’s multi-million dollar custom-built Broadway at Spring St. loft !! but, that’s another story !!

THE BIG QUESTION: does Josh finally feel – like he’s being taken – seriously – for – a bonafide artist – ala JEFF KOONS and DAMIEN HIRST – ?? – gracing the MOMA brochure thus – instead of the C.E.O. of a ‘fake’ company – let alone the “biggest internet guru – you’ve never heard of” – !!
hope so !! and yo, Josh – try to remember your pals on the way, up. as if !!