Tyson Reeder/

SCOTT REEDER with his wife, ELYSIA BOROWY-REEDER, Director of Marketing and Communications,
MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM at the opening of a show of his new work,
mostly very quirky, very against-the-grain, and very unusual, small paintings.
kind of the “anti-luminous” show – in a good way – Scott’s paintings are hard to put into words – they come at you from a depth that’s hard to verbalize … they’re opaque color field paintings with subjects, that are also extremely abstracted. the more you look at them, the more “luminous” they get, in an ironic way, … maybe the better word is they are “anti-translucent”?
The show’s up until this SATURDAY, JAN 27 – at DANIEL REICH.

scott's paintingg # 1
SCOTT REEDER, ‘Still Life w/ Grenades’, 2006, oil on linen, 16 x 22 ins

Scott painting # 2
SCOTT REEDER, ‘Eye vs. Brain’, 2006, oil on linen, 22 x 26 ins


Scott’s brother, TYSON REEDER, was also at the opening, pictured here with ELYSIA.
Tyson is relocating to NYC – from Milwaukee, sometime very soon.

photos from Tyson’s recent show, also at DANIEL REICH, (scroll down – they’re at the bottom of that report) ..

John Riepenhoff

also, at the Scott Reeder opening, JOHN RIEPENHOFF. Tyson Reeder & John Riepenhoff,
along with NICHOLAS FRANK, were the creative minds & founders of the 1st MILWAUKEE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR.

more photos from the SCOTT REEDER opening

2 more photos: ‘DYNAMITE VASE’ (scroll down that report to bottom)