Tea Gallery - LEIF

. . . LEIF & TOOYA are opening (to run for a couple of months) – a clothing store at MAD VICKY’S TEA GALLERY – 3 rue Nicolet, PARIS / 8eme – this week !!!

. . . if you don’t know who LEIF & TOOYA ARE – that’s too bad – because they are some of the coolest and most talented people in this city – going way back to ART FIEND FOUNDATION !! – yep – that’s ART FIEND FOUNDATION – !! on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side. where they once ran an ‘indy’ clothing collective/store . . . where they sold their own handmade clothing/designs, and that of others, (notably LEILA HEKMAT), and also staged art exhibits and special musical performances – in the small storefront space.
Anybody, who has followed atm Gallery – has seen LEIF’S artwork in Bill’s earliest shows – way back on AVE B.

. . somewhere unravelled through – those earliest ART FIEND DAYS – lies early ties to DEVENDRA BANHART & COCO ROSIE, and, if, you don’t know who MAD VICKY is . . . if, you saw the COCO ROSIE concert/Bianca Casady LiL Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness” – show at JEFFREY DEITCH last FALL, 2007 – well, then, you saw MAD VICKY aka BIANCA CASADY – 1/2 of COCO ROSIE – !!


see: the show’s email invite/FROM: “RHASTA MAD VICKY LOPEZ”

and, if we want to evaluate exactly what this might translate into overseas – even from this far distance across the pond – I’d say – they have it all ‘sewn’ up – no pun intended. – why ?

two brief remarks – that are well documented facts:

1. KARL LAGERFIELD is a HUGE FAN of DEVENDRA’S – make your own conclusions.

2. didn’t you see it in the papers here, it got a lot of press – COCO ROSIE performed at the after-party – !! – for – PRADA – at the recent NYC FASHION WEEK 2008. . . . and PRADA and MUI MUI rule !!! well this season, anyway. (anybody see the new PAPER !!!)

you’ve got to check out their website – no kidding !!

see: mad vicky’s tea gallery.com

once there, make sure to hit:

‘artist a la mode’ – where you can read: LEIF & TOOYA’S – MISSION STATEMENT !!.

hit: ‘LINKS’ – and you can get hooked up to: LEIF & TOOYA’S designs