~last show at Little Cakes, in NYC, for now.


‘EVERYONE NEEDS A HOME’ – street art on the fence surrounding a new hi-rise hi-cost residential construction site – on the site of the former – BOYS & GIRLS CLUB – opposite the HAMILTON FISH POOL – on the Lower East Side.

. . . leaving the Little Cakes opening – for EVAH FAN & BRENDAN MONROE – last week – we chanced upon this artistic/cultural/political/income/class inequity tensions & whatever else is going down around here, in NYC, esp on the Lower East Side and the East Village – that says it all – straight up !! & … from the street – !!

soon enough NYC is going to be just a Disneyland version of itself – with all the real art sucked right out of it – an ugly inner city of the very very rich and the very very poor. just like everybody always said – if you ever read a book or went to the movies.

case in point: HANNA FUSHIHARA ARON and Little Cakes – her visionary outpost – have lost their lease – to the real estate greed wars. well, we are the ones who are sad – cause the NYC art scene & therefore pretty much the global art scene – will definitely be in for a big big loss – because even though Little Cakes was small small small – it was big big big in content, vision & cutting edge presentation. Hanna Fushihara Aron and David Aron – on the other hand – seem (somewhat) relieved to get out from under – what was already – a pretty weighty rental overhead, already a pretty big nut to crack – even before the current crunch – esp. for a small venue that specialized in bringing brand new young artists to New York City. In fact – a whole new world seems to be opening up for them – which might just signal a new sign of the times, esp for the creative free spirits among us – the return to the land & just saying NO – to the city – I’m sure it does. They have found a whole house & plenty of acreage of land upstate for a fraction, like 1/3 !! of what they pay for their tiny storefront now – and its being sold out from under them anyways – which means its impossible to hold onto – even if they wanted too – and, they are hoping to get into farming and gardening – real time. Hanna says she wants to specialize in locally grown, organic Japanese vegetables.

we’re really happy for Hanna and David and wish them well. hopefully – we can catch up with them – same time next year – and see what they are up to. I’m sure it will be an amazing journey for them. but it doesn’t say too much for the art scene here – and, it’s our loss.

so, now you know what’s so ‘really’ special about the current Little Cakes Little Gallery show – besides the fact – that it is !! so really special all on its own !! – and why you should go by and check it out – cause if you blink – you’ll have missed out – big time.

Hanna card
the card for: ‘Bed & Breakfast’/image: ‘Soil Release’, detail, 6 x 6 ins, acrylic & gouache on paper. collaboration FAN & MONROE/image courtesy: the artists & Little Cakes Little Gallery

inspired by home gardening
JUNE 6 – 29th, 2008
LITTLE CAKES LITTLE GALLERY – 625 East 6th St. #1B – East Village – NYC
gallery hours: Fri – Sun 1-6pm/or by appointment (1-646-342-1056)

Little Cakes Little Gallery