lol, I’m beginning to feel like . . Alice in Wonderland.
things just keep on getting smaller, and smaller.
and more . . curious.

not to forget lunar . . and LUCKY !!
it’s a celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Monkey . . at GRUMPY BERT’S.
and, put on an ace show – he did.

opened SAT FEB 6, 2016
the show continues thru SUN FEB 28, 2016

read: background

all the work is one-of-a-kind, produced expressly for this show on traditional red envelopes, 3.5 x 6.5 in.
you can shop online: Catalog/Grumpy Bert – Red Envelope show
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word to the wise . . they are going fast !!
priced to fly – made to . . ‘sting like a bee’.
go get ’em.

detail, EVAH FAN.
EV-AH !! . . an early master of the tiny, I was lucky enough to catch her work years ago at LITTLE CAKES, and it made a huge . . impression.

EVAH FAN used delicately, precisely cut papers. so her envelopes had a tiny, flickering level of 3-D. liek all the work in the show, the narrative was picturesque. very curious and beguiling. and like many of the artists in the show, she choose to – interact her designs.

detail, EVAH FAN
($120 ea.)

SHAWN CHENG, not everybody chose to illustrate the tricky Monkey, but the among those that did – the imagination ran . . free & wild.
($50 ea.)

detail, SHAWN CHENG.
crazy !! sting like a bee.

NELLIE LE. there were lots of young women in the show – making the most of this auspicious moment – casting their charming nets, far & wide: narrative-wise.
($120 & $80)

detail, NELLIE LE.
so cute . . a kitty cat / darling dumpling. take that Mr. Monkey !! and hope you rattle your chopsticks with . . jealousy.
likewise . . mainstream art world, oh yeah.

oh, yeah !! ABE LINCOLN Jr.
holding the fort – for the bad guys, the old school, the OG.
($20 ea.) BOTH SOLD
& now proudly . . COLLECTION: NANCY SMITH . . oh, yeah !!
pick up those chopsticks, and put your money – where your mouth is, is what I always say – esp when the ‘sticker’ price is: (downright) doable.
and I did – JUMP.

I felt like I was out of my body throughout the entire opening – it was that GOOD. electric monkey . . circus. Lunar New Year. Chinese dragons, firecrackers, sparks. lots of red and gold & fantastic trips of the mind. Far Eastern turns of the pen, superstitious and wild exotic . . to cuddly dumpling, ivory chopsticks. old fables. everywhere, just tiny explosions of the imagination all the way around the room.

the man himself: ABE LINCOLN Jr . . with good friend, JEN.GENOTYPE

at left, CHRISTINA CHUNG, ($60)
the rest are by . . BRANDON SINES.
($80, $100 & $90)
and, so it rolled . .

detail, BRANDON SINES – note the tiny, tiny origami crane.
I mean really, things got smaller and smaller . .
while the (aggregate) show – got huger and huger.


BRANDON SINES – sticker art.
he gave me one (!!)
well, he had just met me – but clearly . . he had my number.

WIZARD SKULL, sting like Ronald !! naked !!
one of the funniest.
($40) . . already with a red dot: SOLD
somebody jumped, made the $$ hoop shot.

ALEXANDRA BEGUEZ . . hail, the Year of the Monkey.

KIM KU . . another sharp-fingered cut-out artist.

KIM KU . .

KIM KU . . the world is TINY.
and the universe is way more strange – than we can possibly know.

KIM KU . . a tiny sliver of 3rd dimension.

DINKC . . is king, is all I’m gonna say. and, I don’t even know him.
($150 – for the set ?)
I think it’s sold anyway, I don’t see it in the online shop.

ANDREA KANG . . sort of like mid-century modern meets anime, and they light up.
($65 ea.)

KAYOUNG LEE, with work in the show.

from left: STICKYMONGER, 2 by KAYOUNG LEE & regrets, just the tip of . . CRYS YIN.

STICKYMONGER . . anybody been in a blizzard snowstorm, lately . . NYC !!

doing a double take: STICKYMONGER

ROB PLATER, obviously another . . king – on the scene.
($70 ea) – they were marked SOLD, before I even turned around.

this is probably the ‘sleeper’ image of the show. totally off the grid.
if someone doesn’t buy it soon – I will.

from left: ROSE WONG, 2 pieces by MELISSA GUION and, MIKE HINSON.
MELISSA GUION, another cut-out artist, definitely outside the box – she turned the envelopes into firecracker paper lanterns.
($50 ea.)

MARK WANG . . c-r-a-z-y !!

4 more by MARK WANG.
ok, I’m . . speechless.
ok, . . killers !! don’t blink.
($45 ea.)

JEN TONG . . . beautiful assortment.
($65) some already marked SOLD

ZROPRO . . one set of 3, that made one interlocking image. there was a second set of 3 beside it, equally AWESOME.
in this case: the work looked huge. like a billboard.
($100 for the set). SOLD
you tell, em. Monkey. Monkey rule . . listen, up.

ADRIAN K. a running series of 5 dramatic pieces, luckily the kid who bought it – knew to buy all 5 !! Dragon !!
($60 ea.) SOLD . . to THEO CERIGO, lol.
(you might remember him – the indie curator of . . ‘UNDER THE VOLCANO’)