~KATHY GRAYSON/Mail Order Monsters

curator KATHY GRAYSON posted a whole bunch of really cool photos from the ‘MAIL ORDER MONSTERS’ installation & opening, at PERES PROJECTS/BERLIN, on her myspace page.

here are a few of my favs:

Kathy # 1
KATHY installing the show, with work by FRANCINE SPIEGEL

KATHY’S BF Patrick – that’s ‘Block Head #10’by EDDIE MARTINEZ on the left – the small drawing resting on the radiator

Kathy # 3
installing the show, from left: DENNIS TYFUS (orange painting), TAYLOR McKIMENS – a large painting from his “THE DRIPS” series, and TOMOO GOKITA’S drawing, about to go up

Kathy # 4
outside PERES PROJECTS/BERLIN, the show is about to open

Kathy # 6
TOMOO GOKITA, ‘Orthopedic Surgery’, was the image used for the show’s poster

Kathy # 7
large works by BEN JONES

Kathy # 8
checking out JOE GRILLO

Kathy # 9
‘Forest Gump’ 2007, by DENNIS TYFUS

Kathy # 5
that’s a large painting by WES LANG behind them

Kathy # 11
that big black rag doll is also by WES LANG

ALL PHOTOS: BY KATHY GRAYSON, ‘Mail Order Monsters’, July 1, 2007 opening,
(except the first one is probably by PATRICK !)

you can check out more photos on KATHY’S myspace page