~15 WARREN . .

having fun . . .

having fun . .

having fun . .

having fun on a ‘raw’ wall, pipes included.
having fun .. is in the . . . details.
having fun, is cracking the code. the art code.
the ‘bio’ code.
the pure ‘graphics’ code, and its twin bro: the ‘pictorial’ code.
not to forget, the code . . of the ‘imagination’.

all at the same time, on one slim canvas, few lines, casual tracery, in the middle of a huge far-out group show.
quelle fun !!

sustainable living, in a nutshell.

having fun . . breaking up the space, and turning corners.

the way the show played-out, even though it was probably the gateway to the most, and BEST !! new art you’ll ever get to see for awhile, if not years (!!), and, even though the ‘thematic’ platforms were very diverse . . and the actual physical ‘backgrounds’ – a force of controlled ‘chaos’!!
each piece got . . its night in the sun.

having fun, ARSENIY showing his work . . .

a bare-bones essay, on ‘how to have fun’ . . . ARSENIY
D- !! (NOT) !!

so, D is for DUH.
have fun – NOW !!

ARSENIY said he had . . a lot of fun, welding his first ever – ‘corners’.
I bet . .

he sure nailed, that baby !!



MORE PIX, to follow.