right off the bat: the two books were awesome – and as diff as day is from night . . .

there was time for a little signing – before the presentation began.
that’s C.F.

booksignings by comic artists are really fun: they don’t just sign the books, they usually draw and scribble in them too.
they always bring, or are given alot of colorful pens, pencils and sharpies. markers.
(except for the guys who only use rapidographs, and such. you know, fine point sharpies. and only sign, or really print – their names – like R. Crumb !!)

BRIAN CHIPPENDALE at work on If ‘n Oof !!

you can just get a glimpse of the shiny decal work – and the swirl of painted impression, as if made with white glue . . . on the cover.
got to see it – to believe it. need to hold it in hand. its not digital.

ok. if we are talking covers – here’s the coppery line drawing – imprinted on the back of the C. F. tome !!

C.F. at work.




green & orange – my fav. CHIPPENDALE.
for KATE.

C.F. gives his presentation first.

C.F. drawing.
the format at the STRAND for presentations . . . is projected images, kind of like slides – on a screen. accompanying the talk.

C.F. was very serious. in his approach.
actually if you spend any time around comic artists – as opposed to ‘gallery’ artists – you’ll find it’s the so-called comic artists – who are the more serious . . in manner and intent. about getting their ideas and context across. C.F. really wanted to span the distance.
he said: the best way to make art – was to turn your back on “your own life’.
he said: composition always comes first, then line, then color.

C.F. was really into trying to explain his influences and how he felt he worked more from the stance of an artist – as much as anything else. he questioned why comic artists are labeled. or boxed in. just because they also make (funny) books with narratives – and so he chose to show a lot of his freestanding – art, drawings and paintings.
Chippendale . . also questioned that comic book artist label. or rather being boxed into a label. . . when he and his friends wear many hats. and of course – he and his friends do show their freestanding work artwork, paintings, collages and silkscreen prints – in gallery settings. so maybe just like craft vs art – the irony is – in the computer generation – all these boundaries – are being crashed. I don’t know why people in this past century didn’t let anybody – wear more than one hat. that’s so dumb – its beyond dwelling over. welcome to the club. I’m not just a ‘blogger’ – though that’s how I get pegged. just cause I love to explore other people’s art and break it down for other people to understand. and I often wonder why my own photos – just cause they are posted so casually on the web – aren’t ever seen in frames on gallery walls. or aren’t included in any number of contemporary photography shows. whatever. like I said: I stitch, as in – repair quilts, and paint, and draw. and knit.

C.F. – fooling around. artwork.

I could see C.F.s work – large scale on canvases. no doubt.
I have seen Brian Chippendale’s work on canvases, and as screen prints in gallery settings.
this is actually the first time I’ve encountered C.F. and his work. so I don’t know his history and comings and goings as well.

but it sure looks like C.F. is a painter.
if you look around the art scene – just maybe, not the comic scene so much – there are many artists who explore very different media, successfully. and there always have been – throughout history, looks like C.F. – will be one of them.

and now he’s also into furniture !!
this the first chair he ever built, from reclaimed wood – off the barred up windows in the, I guess, ramshackle house he just bought !!
so that was a really nice way to end a very serious talk on creativity – and, not wanting to be labeled.

then it was time for Chippendale’s presentation.
bye the way – that’s PICTUREBOX founder, DAN NADEL on the left. PICTUREBOX published both of these books.

if C.F was earnest and compelling – Chippendale was a little bit funnier, maybe because he has been recognized as a visual artist in his own right, as well as a cartoon artist ? esp here in New York. esp at CINDERS GALLERY in Brooklyn. and probably elsewhere.
though that was also a dominant theme in his talk. as well. the struggle to wear many hats – not the the struggle to do it – that’s the easy part . . but to be allowed to do it . . to be recognized in multi- disciplines, and not labeled, not boxed in: and somehow ‘comic book artist’ seems to have a certain built-in doom to it – or maybe just for these guys. I don’t know. other comic book artists have been able move in and out, like GARY PANTER. for example. others are very content to be just that. it’s a big world . . . go for your dreams. inside the box – or not. and hope the rest of the losers out there can follow you, and if not – too bad, they’re losers anyway.

just to show you how funny Chippendale was – he started off with this picture of truly young self – with his colorful, I’m thinking hippy ? parents.

his early inspiration goes way back !!

both Chippendale and C.F. cited DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI – as a major influence, and visual arts – hero.

Chippendale: one of his earliest books.

another funny archival photo. when young really meant young. not artworld young.
Chippendale on the left with his college freshman roommate – MATT BRINKMAN !!
I think he said Matt had a head full of dreadlocks under the hat !!

Chippendale: early comic sketchbooks.

Chippendale: I think he said ca. 1991. just as C.F. talked about the importance of composition – Brian talked about how he evolved his snaking back and forth narrative pattern – from early on.

Chippendale: and then at some point there was also black outs. flat out deconstruction & real depth graphics.

Chippendale: then came – color.

Chippendale – if you’ve seen his recent artwork – esp the screen prints and collaged screen prints on canvas – than you know this !! wow.
what a trip. from all black to fairy wizard flash-out. tripped-out world. light.

Chippendale still works in all black too. in fact he runs a web version of PUKE FORCE – as a weekly cartoon installment on PICTUREBOCX.

Chippendale. and that was the end of the slide presentation. everyone was transfixed, not just me.

DAN NADEL really seemed to be floored by these guys – live – as well.

and so, let the signing resume !!

C.F. and Chippendale had a lot of fun signing books – and interacting with their fans. everybody enjoyed the show . . and the new books.

everybody was thrilled to have a drawing scribbled . . into their newly purchased copy.
nothing can beat that . . . maybe not the even the thrill of the million dollar high-end art auctions. close enough – just from different P.O.V.

C.F. scribbles hardy, too.

a fan, BEN, introduces himself . . .

and hands both C.F. and Chippendale a copy of his CD. I guess with his own art work on it.

Ben’s CD – is titled: tumbleweave.
here’s the link: tumbleweave/porn stars built the pyramids/myspace

in the crowd: MELISSA BROWN and MARIE LORENZ !!

and CINDERS’ KELIE BOWMAN. Cinders has given several shows to Brian Chippendale’s work.

so here’s the down low – to not being in Miami this weekend – you can probably still get over to the Strand . . .

in time – to score a signed, drawn-in and scribbled-upon copy !! for yourself. look for the red sticker !! they did quite a few for the store before the presentation – get one while you can.