~BRIAN CHIPPENDALE . . FLASHBACK, dystopian on my mind !!

yep, got DYSTOPIAN on the brain.

BRIAN CHIPPENDALE . . . at the opening of a 3 person show, ‘EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM’ – that included his own art work, yes, that’s it . . perverse and wicked, and real-time . . behind him on the wall.
this was at Cinders, when it was on Havemeyer, in Williamsburg.
the date, was: Nov 17, 2007.

BRAIN CHIPPENDALE, collage/painting on stretcher, 2007. unique.
up until this show, I had only seen his zines, comic books and screen prints, so I thought these larger pieces were a total knock-out, and real twisted, sister !! and boy, did I want one, but alas, they were $1,000 and I was broke, though I have several of his earlier limited edition prints, bought at Cinders for about $60 a piece. pre-2007.
so I’m – GOOD !!

but next time my piggy bank explodes, I’m gonna get me of these collage paint pieces, for sure.