this past weekend, OCT 1 & 2, 2011 – the annual JERSEY CITY ARTISTS TOUR took place – with many diverse exhibitions mounted throughout the city. my fave took place at the JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CENTER – in PERSHING FIELD – a very special place . . . a town square in effect . . .

that provides locals with outdoor sports facilities for baseball and basketball – paved ad hoc paths for skateboarding, rails for grinding and trick biking. as well as housing an indoor pool and ice hockey/skating rink – all intertwined upon the foundation of an early historical fort – and interspersed with numerous somber monuments to the brave local sons – who gave their lives, made the supreme sacrifice – in our foreign wars.

it’s an otherworldly feeling to walk the park’s small trail of paths – and come face to face with the actual engraved markers of young men who perished at what: 19, 20 years of age, in far-off places, like France. England. and the larger memorials of the later wars, the Korean and Vietnam wars . . . you kinda have to wonder if their ghosts race along with the boys and young men – playing so vibrantly – on its fields today.

one of the most beautiful of the memorials is this one – right in front of the HEIGHTS VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CENTER . . . which is dedicated to the brave fallen Jersey City sons of WORLD WAR I.

the words on her shield read: Erected JULY 4, 1922 in grateful remembrance of the labor sacrifices and suffering of those who fought suffered and died in the World War that the blessings of free government might live.

the base is a bold stroke of inspiration. a totally, very timeless – zen boulder – upon a most intricate and colorful tile mosaic – which I believe represents the four seasons. depicting the earth at its best and most wonderful organic self.
the base also indicated the 4 directions: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST & WEST.

inside DANIEL K. MORTEH, founder, CEO, Director and Lead editor of TMX MEDIA LLC – presented a selection of his color photographs. his business card’s motto: “Life can pass you by, so keep it on record.” (!!)

Daniel’s photograph of renown NYC street photographer LOUIS MENDES, now 71 – made a deep impression. Mr. Morteh related that he just happened upon Mr. Mendes on the street, one day. that’s an ancient Polaroid camera in perfect working order, he is holding. Mr. Mendes snaps a souvenir photo of you – and then sells you the one-of-a-kind instant print for $20.
the camera is so old school – the flashbulb has to be replaced with a fresh one – every time the flash goes off. do they even have those vintage bulbs in stock for general purchase anymore ? I’m thinking – that vintage flashbulb – alone must cost the $20 – !!

a view inside the Vietnam Veterans community center . . . there’s a great big old vintage American flag on the back wall.

. . .
the ballerina paintings are by DIANE LOMBARDI-FLEMING – who organizes this particular JERSEY CITY ARTISTS STUDIO TOUR venue every year – and is the heart and soul – of a culturally rich and extremely diverse Pershing Field community . . . centered on the swimming pool. truth be told: Italian heritage Jersey Girls – do rule.

the iconic sailboat paintings are by FULVIO GIUDICI – who’s been swimming in the pool going back at least 30 years.

JACK COLEMAN, another long time Jersey City Heights resident – brought along some of his wonderful collages – assembled from his collection of vintage baseball memorabilia.

ELAINE JAMES, who helps Diane Lombardi-Fleming organize the show had a new trick up her sleeve this year, a small selection of her diverse range of handicrafts: this time – hand painted luggage tags.

they were going for $5. how could you lose.
yep. I bought this one for Kate . . . cause she likes to collect vintage thrift shop souvenir plates . . .

and this one is for Scott . . . traveling between Vermont and LA – now – all the time.

you know – custom luggage ID tags . . . what could be more useful.

this photograph was from a series by Pershing pool swimmer JUN HUA EA. a professional dancer – his swim routine is beyond martial arts clockwork. just awesome.

photo by JUN HUA EA. and I have to say his photos are really starting to grow on me.

PATRICK MEANY displayed some of his trademark intricately painted objects, including jackets, jeans and boots – but my fave were the guitars.

and then there was another Pershing pool regular swimmer, PETER ROZKOWIAK a self-taught woodcarver – with his newest labor of love . . .

a vintage ‘found’ stand-alone wooden closet – that he had carved into with a most wonderful peacock design. . .

and hand finished with an equally impressive green hued stain . . . really a patina.

he says it took him something like 3 years to complete. . .

he even had a little video on his phone – of the work in progress – himself chipping away with a small knife. he says he wants $5,000 for it. it being so labor-intensive. hey if I had $5,000 instead of $5 in my pocket – I woulda sprung for it – no doubt. no hesitation at all.
can’t you just see it in somebodies mint condition wood paneled, old school real deal art deco living room, you know – like in Alpine, or better yet: DEAL . . . summer home to so many (serious) art aficionados ?