Milwaukee Art fair

the card for the first Milwaukee International Art Fair – organized by TYSON REEDER, SCOTT TYSON, JOHN RIEPENHOFF, and NICHOLAS FRANK.

The fair ran the weekend of October 20 & 21, 2006, and was located at the Polish Falcons Beer Hall, a “genuine, old-school Milwaukee institution”, (with the country’s fourth oldest functioning bowling alley in the basement !).

The fair was open to the public – admission was free. Various events were
organized around the event, such as guided bus tours of the city, a performance night,
a DJ dance-a-thon, a collage party and a panel discussion.

the buzz: it was really fun, and since it only cost $150 for a booth – everyone was really
happy, and in fact, some big collectors did come down from Chicago – so it wasn’t just a cool
and super hip party – it was a working weekend. word is circulating that Canada sold
2 of MICHAEL WILLIAMS’ small paintings. to see: images of the paintings

Canada has posted some really cool pix from the fair on their website:

The fair, staged at the POLISH FALCON, a kind of funky ‘insider’ venue, was located at
803 East Clarke Street, Milwaukee, WISCONSIN. some of the galleries participating:
Angstrom, Anonymous Gallery, Bas Fisher Invitational, Canada, Galeria Commercial,
Gavin Brown’s enterprise, General Store, Ghosts are Everywhere, the Green Gallery,
Hermetic, Hotcakes, Jacob Fabricius, Judy Monroe, Karma International, Little Cakes,
Locust Projects, Morgan Lehman, Ooga Booga, Other Gallery, Polvo, The Suburban,
Western Exhibitions, White Columns, Willy Wonka, ZieherSmith, & more ..