~don’t blink !! you missed it !! REDEMPTION CENTER SCULPTURE SHOW/BBQ

sculpture show-redemption

THE REDEMPTION CENTER had an all day rooftop sculpture show/BBQ !! on SUNDAY AUGUST 10th, 2008 !!
… with over 20 artists, including hometown fave JUSTIN SAMSON; DREW GILLESPIE, NICK PAYNE & PHIL COTE of PHILLY-BASED BOBO; & some of their crew, notably LIZZIE FINCH & LINDSAY BEEBE !! … and with over 8,000 sq. ft. of rooftop space to party on, BYOB and beer sold there, too – starting at noon and going on all night !! it was sure to have been a blast !! One Big summer time rooftop PAR-TAY !!

WHAT THE HELL !! (that’s an in-joke dedicated to NORA DEMENUS, NYU grad/CLASS of 2008 !! congrats !!)

. . . you can’t blink in this town. without missing something. it’s true what they say: this town never sleeps .. & it certainly never stops !!