the ‘Rirkrit Tiravanija – Gordon Matta-Clark’ installation/exhibit has been extended thru Sat, MAY 19, 2007

Presented by Gavin Brown’s enterprise and David Zwirner, at:
DAVID ZWIRNER GALLERY – 519 West 19th Street

Rirkrit-rice bags

. . . they are serving 5 times as much food each day, then they did in the original installation,
at 303 Gallery, in Soho, back in 1992.

above, Thai rice bags,
RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA, ‘Untitled 1992(Free)’, David Zwirner, March 31, 2007
Photo: Nancy Smith


TONY, Rirkrit’s (Thai-American) assistant (dig that ‘MAPLE LEAFS’ t-shirt !) comes to the gallery, 3 times a week, to prepare the food. They have to use 40 qt. pots to cook the food in, instead of the original 15 qt. size.

Rirkrti- tony with friends

Tony greets some artist pals: from left, LIZ LIDEN (who shows at BUIA) and on the right, JULIETA ARANDA. that’s the GORDON MATTA-CLARK alternative dumpster ‘urban multi-dwelling’, behind them.

Photos: Nancy Smith
RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA, ‘Untitled 1992 (Free)’, re-created at David Zwirner,
May 27, 2007