Frankie # 1

Frankie # 2

NYC look out!!! .. the word on the street is: FRANKIE MARTIN is also leaving MILWAUKEE for New York City ..
she’ll be staying at the same house in Green Point, BROOKLYN – that Tyson is heading to, storied home to
many parties – and much art making, and long time home to downtown luminaries such as: MELISSA BROWN,
water nymph MARIE LORENZ, MICHAEL WILLIAMS (who work is currently red-hot) & ANDY HERSHEY,
among others, including many wild nights with DEARRAINDROP when they
are in town.

more photos from the Glass House performance
, Nov 12, 2004

PENELOPE CRUZ & FRANKIE MARTIN on the same page – with a link to more photos from Frankie’s show:
ONE MINUTE RAVE’ at CANADA, March 11, 2005

first photos of FRANKIE on artnet at LITTLE CAKES: from May 8, 2004

above 2 photos taken at the GLASS HOUSE, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Nov 12, 2004.
(Photos: Nancy Smith)

… JUST IN FRANKIE MARTIN HAS A SHOW AT CANADA – opens THURS FEB 16, 2007 !!! .. more info to follow.
(up date: FEB 9, 2007)