ray raposa of the CASTANETS

RAY RAPOSA and the CASTANETS were featured on the artlovers home page JULY 18, 2005.
” a derailed psych-country band” – THE CASTANETS were under the radar when they were photographed at ‘Magickal Music Night’ presented by LITTLE CAKES, (Hanna Fushihara Aron) at the GLASS HOUSE in Williamsburg, way back in Feb of 2005. As of this post date, MARCH 19, 2006, they are now a very ‘for-real’ Indie band, with 2 albums out. Simon Cerigo, the artlovers music critic, reports that their recently released 2nd album, First Light’s Freeze has generated a good buzz.

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Photo: RAY RAPOSA of the CASTANETS, showcased in the LITTLE CAKES presentation: “Magickal Music Night”, at the GLASS HOUSE, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, Feb 7, 2005
Photo: Nancy Smith