~Tom Moody/ART@#!>WORK

Tom Moody

TOM MOODY, artist, musician & blogger, at work in his cubicle in the best alternative show of 2005, if not the entire decade ….. ‘ART< #*/>WORK’, 520 EIGTH AVENUE, bet. 36 & 37 Sts, MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, on some office floor, NYC, May 10, 2005

TOM MOODY ……” looking happier than any man sipping KOOL-AID from a plastic cup inside an office cubicle deserves to be” .. or something to that effect (Tom Moody on his blog commenting on the >finally!< posted artlovers coverage of the show!!) too bad, not too many art world aficiondos, even the hard core ones, could make it so far out of their way, as to hit this show in Mid Town !!! what a loss - well the bright side is - it makes a case for photo coverage. what a great show, from TONY LUIB's mindblowing - super skilled, super inspired - installation - that's all I can say, I'm still stunned by it, see the photo link below!!! to CAT MAZZA's KNITPRO trademark swatches - to the super low-key funny 'Please squeeze me office supplies' by MICHELLE ROSENBERG - this show reigns supreme. only THE INFINITE FILL SHOW curated by CORY & JAMIE ARCANGEL can be put in the same sentence. ‘ART^.&!>WORK’ photos

Tom Moody’s blog

and yes, he is MOODY!

Photo: Nancy Smith