that’s the funny thing about JOE BRADLEY, the work has ‘legs’.
continuous meaning. absolute relevance.
every time you go back to it . . . some life force, prevails.
the work keeps jumping back at ya.
JOE just keeps on .. giving.

JOE BRADLEY, ‘Untitled’, 2013.
oil on canvas. 120 -1/4 x 123 in. framed.

there were just 2 canvases, hung side by side in the third gallery . . .
realizing just now, the obvious simple truth, they were interactive.
and yes, THEY WERE ABOUT .. LOVE !!

JOE BRADLEY, ‘Love Boat’, 2013
oil on canvas, 124 x 158 in. framed.

haha. North West is out of the picture.
North West got her very own face time . . all the better to see ya.
North West got her own – face time !!