subtext: CRAFT.

since we are currently seeing the world, increasingly through the lens of CRAFT these days.

let’s pause for a moment, and give a proper high-five to the photographer / behind that photo of Heather Benjamin,
just posted, and, add another . . ONE !!

it’s so easy to take photos for granted, these days.
but, still, they aren’t all – so . . equally haunting.

as well, as Mr. Trogdon’s photos travel to us, through the (now highly recognized) new age medium of craft explosion / we call/ the DIY SELF-PUBLISHED . . ZINE !!
there’s a double or halo- effect – to the dimensions of craft, invoked here.

and, since we get his photos . . from or nor from his zines / off what he posts to IG / Instagram,
by extension, does that make IG . . . a craft ?
is social media – just another albeit ‘future world’ . . craft ?

I mean, it is kind of like . . scrimshaw ? !!! quilting. souvenir collecting.
18th C Japanese woodblock printing. type-setting. fonts. illustration. early travel books & essay.
colonial broad-sheets. posters / advertising, movie, show posters, etc . .
digital zines for sure,
the endless paper . . ‘banners’.
like quilts were the endless . . textile banners.
self-published – the key word.
and in craft, too: hand-made / self-made / self-published.

@vbdbct: “HEATHER BENJAMIN, unused pic taken for ‘FUGITIVE’, Heather and I’s newsprint poster fanzine . . ”

image via Instgram @vbdbct / BEN CHARLES TROGDON

see: BCT – TATTOO PUNK FANZINE / seems based in “New York, New York”.
or, rather a mailbox in New York, New York, 10013
that would be a Tribeca, Manhattan mailing address.
he seems to post photos from many locations, incl Brooklyn, Queens, LA and . . Chile.

damn. of course,
yeah, that’s – right.
zines, check.
photo portraiture, check.
illustration, & diy printing, custom typeface, check.
custom website / blog, check.
tattoos are . . craft, too.