~Rotterdam visitors at atm

Eric # 7
atm’s BILL BRADY with photographer DAVID ADAMS, originally from Australia, now living in Rotterdam. in the ERIC SALL exhibition currently up at atm Gallery thru Saturday, May 10, 2008 (ERIC SALL, ‘Thick Freakness’, in the background)
check out: DAVID ADAMS/website
the photos are quite beautiful. very documentary style.

Eric # 8
FRANK JULIUS TAAL, curator of contemporary art projects, at DE AANSCHOUW and DE KUNSTSUPER, both in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. also drops by the ERIC SALL exhibit at atm Gallery. (beside him, ERIC SALL’S ‘Joy Rebellion’).

De Aanschouw is a kind of ‘vitrine’ or glass window display case/exhibition space.
(it seems to be kind of like: Mauritizio Cattelan’s old ‘Wrong Door’ Gallery – that used to be in a faux glass door display case next to the former 20th St./Chelsea location of the Andrew Kreps Gallery, before it moved to its current larger space, on 22nd St.)
De KunstSuper is a larger more conventional gallery.
check out: de Aanschouw/80b
also a pretty interesting website !! and ….
check out: De KunstSuper
which also looks to be a very cutting edge exhibition space.

FRANK JULIUS TAAL showed us some images via computer from a recent project at De Aanschouw – in which successive artists painted over the same surface. De Aanschouw is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Eric # 9

Eric # 11

Eric # 12

ALL PHOTOS: NANCY SMITH, (incl. last 3 of computer/photo images)
atm Gallery, Chelsea, NYC,
Saturday, APRIL 26, 2008

Frank Julius Tall also showed us some postcards from previous de Aanschhouw exhibits !! here are 2.
Rotterdam # 1

Rotterdam # 2

and here is a sample image from the DAVID ADAMS ‘fotografie’ website:
Rotterdam # 3

atm Gallery