switching gears, some great graphics, & content / thought / code . . from FRANCE.

from a website called: artistswhodothings

a beautiful, and emotive, informational graphics book by PHILIPPE MAYAUX.

this is the image that first caught my attention.


up in the clouds, hurray, hurray, and more hurray.
PHILIPPE MAYAUX . . nails it.

the book is called: ‘Le 4e Clou’ – or, ‘The Fourth Nail’.
metaphors abound, 4th dimension . . does spring to mind.
the 3rd wheel ?!! NOT !!
is this not – gorgeous, or what ?

that ‘nail’ is as slick, and cold as ice, while that orange border – is so warm and, well: ‘bio’ !!
hot and cold sensations – run through the mind . . . a race between thought ‘processing’, and pure visual – delight.
the reflective silver, always changing ‘tone’ . . the hand of the artist. ultra, and forever . . ‘creative’. thinking. measuring. building.
the opaque orange. constant. dense. the wheel of the world, the logic of the ‘organism’.
the ‘earth’/ the ‘ground’.
the ground rules / the code of ‘life’, in a visual . . nutshell.

PHILIPPE MAYAUX, ‘Le 4e Clou’, 2008.
publisher: editions Dilecta.
160 pages.
limited edition of 150, each signed and numbered by the artist.
there’s only ONE left, so – be my guest !!

for more info, see: PHILIPPE MAYAUX, ‘Le 4e Clou’


artistswhodothings . . . was created in NOV 2013 by LUCAS HEES and STEPHANIE BRIVOIS.

LUCAS is a writer, an art critic and director of Editions Enigmatiques (a publishing house dedicated to artist’s books).
STEPHANIE BRIVOIS is director of DERNIER AVERTISSEMENT (last warning) – an association of support for the artistic creation – and curator of the cycle of exhibits: ‘in bed with my artist’. (!!)
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I like that, too.