it’s a sad day in NYC – we are losing another iconic shop.

it’s particularly sad news for me. TEKSERVE has been a long standing patron of artloversnewyork, ever since I first began posting my photos and art scene coverage on artnet, more than . . 14 years ago.

I’ve been really proud to post my photos and voice my thoughts under their banner – and I guess I’ll have to take it down, though I might leave it up for a few more months – as a kind of digital ‘ghost army ‘ homage.

getting that pay check was often my only source of income and it kept me going through, often raw and thin times. but it also kept me indie and I never . . sold out. the TEKSERVE banner was like the proverbial ‘carrot before the horse’ – it kept my camera and me running around – to keep the traffic numbers up – that kept the checks on coming.

it’s a sad day, and a sad New York: no more Pearl Paint, no more Other Music, no more Tekserve.


the auction will take place . . .
next TUESDAY, AUG 23, 2016 / starting at 11am – and running through 7pm.
at the store: 119 West 23rd St just west of 6th Ave.
definitely – come by !!!!!

you can also bid online – if you can’t make it to the store in person.

there are also 2 previews at the store:
this SAT AUG 22, 2016 / 11am – 6pm
and MON AUG 22, 2016 / 9am – 6pm

you can see a preview online – where bidding has already started at: Rolandauctions.com

online bidding on the TEKSERVE COLLECTION MAC MUSEUM 1984-2004 – is already past $30,000 !!

also for sale: the unique custom-made display tables – made by UHURU Design from reclaimed wood from the original Coney Island Boardwalk.

lots of vintage signage . . including these wonderful glass doors from the original SANDS CASINO in Las Vegas.

there will be . . vintage radios, starting at $10, various cameras, including some old Polaroids, microphones, typewriters, telephones, televisions, video devices, test equipment, cases etc etc.


lots of STAR WARS & other old movie and esp sci fi memorabilia . .
this is just a slice of the ‘scene’ behind the downstairs desk of . . TEKSERVE co-founder DICK DEMENUS, an avid collector.

ok, and here’s a head-up !!!

DICK & his visionary collection . . will be featured on an upcoming . . . HISTORY CHANNEL – ‘AMERICAN PICKERS’ !!!
I kid you – NOT !! and I heard FRANK & MIKE bought quite a number of items, too.
the episode has already been filmed, and will be aired sometime this NOV 2016 !!!!!
so: wow !!!!

in fact, true his contrary, creative and yet scientific nature . . DICK had quite a jungle of live plants growing down there – flourishing under the artificial light, of the basement under the retail store.

DICK DEMENUS, the co-founder of TEKSERVE.
at his ‘desk’.
we used to call him ‘the boss’ or . . ‘Domingos’ for that added ‘hood’ flair !!, it was a very diverse group – with great fondness.

I have to say . . true to form, he is a very ‘curious’, and talented ‘creative’ and again: contrarian . . . long live contrarians !!
who was the first to ‘get’ what would become, within another 2 decades – the dominating Mac revolution, and . . TEKSERVE, for a long time was the place to go – for all things APPLE.

as a vintage collector, and not just a tinker-er . . his passion for the history of things, and the future vision of all things sci-fi . . cannot be easily articulated in a few words, I mean: how many other bosses in this city . . look like they just walked off a space ship colony !!!

DICK, through TEKSERVE . . supported many important, innovative, independent, & future-leaning causes throughout the years, among them the green re-cycling of computer hardware, and a broad range of NPR radio shows, and independent podcasts.

artloversnewyork – is proud to have been a part of that family.

drop by the auction – this Tuesday, and see what I’m talking about !!
maybe you can score yourself – a piece of technical, sci-fi, or even – retro signage history.

PHOTOS: NANCY SMITH, except for the Roland Auctions banner.