Andrew May 2008

. . . we also ran into ANDREW GUENTHER strolling around, checking out the openings on 27TH St, in CHELSEA. MAY 15, 2008.

Andrew Guenther-clock

. . . we recently noticed one of his small, hand painted canvas ?, unique & ticking.. as in – it really works !! – clocks in PRINTED MATTER. at the time – it was hanging in the front room, on the North wall, just back of the front desk office area.
the small white label read:
ANDREW GUENTHER, ‘clock’, BROOKLYN, N.Y. – $75.00 (& yep, that’s a steal !!)

. . . we first noticed Andrew’s clocks at that short-lived, (only a 2 week run, FEB 8-14, 2008) but mighty, group show – ‘BREVITY’S RAINBOW’ – ‘A GALAXY OF TINY ARTWORKS’ – curated by MAXWELL WILLIAMS at CINDERS in BROOKLYN !!
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