~ZAK FOSTER / ERL / ASAP Rocky Quilt / Met Gala

congratulations !!!!
to originally from North Carolina, now Brooklyn-based quilter . . . ZAK FOSTER !!!!!
who made the ASAP Rocky / ERL branded / vintage-based quilt . . . that upstaged the entire fashion world – at this year’s MET GALA !!

see: ZAK FOSTER QUILTS – website

see: ZAK FOSTER / Instagram @zakfoster.quilts

ASAP Rocky . . .
wrapped in a one-of-a-kind “ERL” co-branded / authentic vintage quilt assemblage / handmade by Brooklyn’s own . . . ZAK FOSTER.
image via Instagram @diet_prada

so . . .
wouldn’t it be funny to see a whole city of men running around in re-cycled quilt ‘capes’, or, even full-body throw, ‘granny square’ crochet afghans, for that matter / draping their hurried bodies !!

why cut them old quilts up – for custom suits, ala BODE ?
just leave em as is / to let their deep soothing magic & rockin’ power emanate, true to form / for: protection, for comfort, for warmth, for ease, for . . . emotional support !!
as the world burns, floods, freezes, dries up, and as always, fights / with not enough water & not enough food – up next.
next Afghan-based/Qaedea terrorist attack . . on the American horizon / within one or 2 years,
and, that’s in newspaper hard copy print – according to even: . . . WYNKEN, BLINKEN, BIDEN, & NOD.

Antony Blinken, being our current Secretary of State, you obviously know who sleepy Joe Biden is, as some people call him. I’m not going to say the ‘T’ word, but F all of them.
what the hell.
ok, it’s a tough job, wear a quilt !!

Influencer ?

ASAP Rocky is my vote for . . INFLUENCER of YEAR / 2021.
hands down.
and, with just one sweep . . . of the cape.

some brief notes – for the Millennials, among us !!

I remember growing up, not one of my teachers died.
I mean, maybe I went to one teacher-related funeral in grade 7, and that was her dad, that died.

this is . . . EUGENE FIELD / 1850-1895
he wrote the (once) famous, ultimate / childhood lullaby rhyme, ‘Wynken, Blyken and Nod’,
where children could fall asleep knowing their world was full of stars, and glittering fish in a twinkling / sky / sea.
when, there were only a handful of planets in the sky, most people lived on farms, and climate change ? – an absolute non-topic.

funny . . . how we went from 9 planets / to an ‘infinite’ universe of constellations / well, in my lifetime / yet, to diminishing . . . shrinking resources – with NO real global plan in sight.

when they start mining on the moon, and, oh yes !! – they are planning it as we speak – then, trust me, the whole global, bio-survival game plan implodes,
and, not just for the wave-seeking surfers.
that ‘man in the moon’ controls the tides, our reproduction cycles, and of course – oversees our emotions.
it’s not – just a rolling rock full of minerals to be . . mined & extracted 7 sent back to earth.
mark my words, and don’t blame me.
I’m with the ancient Greeks, and all indigenous peoples . . who believe the planets, the stars, the sun, and the moon – are the Gods.
the sky is frigging sacred / hands off, dudes.
or may you be doomed to living in caves – with only synthetic fiber to keep you warm.

so, I’m thinking . . newspaper men,
and ‘writers of light verse for children’ . . . aka the ‘influencers’ of their generation,
maybe, just maybe . . . they should have thought ahead – just a tiny little bit.
but, even at that – just a little bit of some forward thinking, was beyond the era’s mind-set / industrial revolution evolution.
as, is ‘moon mining’ – for ours.
and yes, it’s most definite – in the works.

but even so,
what do our children – fall asleep to ?
I don’t want to ruin your day, but it’s not starry skies.
it’s a mighty long list / a mighty coarse & scary list that veers from web predators, global food shortage, bio virus attacks & teachers dying / to other endangered species, including wild animals & trees / pinging extreme weather alerts, amber alerts – onto porn, to violence . . and, even onto their own contemporary Greta Thunberg . . . on repeat. gentle good-night verse ?

no wonder people everywhere, with all manners of skills, clothing, or even education levels,
loved, loved loved / Zak Foster’s ‘Memory Quilt’ on . . . ASAP Rocky.

no wonder people love . . vintage and antique quilts, & . . . in fact – handiwork of all kinds.
it’s not – just the skills,
it’s their comfort – zone . . . !!!!
it’s their thriftiness, mindfulness of resources, and re-cycling sustainability.
not to forget: joyful, cheerful patterns, colors & fabric / and all cotton, btw.

in the paper today, I read that the new AUKUS alliance / Australia, United Kingdom and USA, deems their paramount goal is to help Australia develop nuclear-submarine capability . . to counter China’s growing ‘influence’ in the Indo-Pacific region.
no no no.
that’s so dumb-ass backwards.
what about the marine life, the barrier reefs, what kind polluting greenhouse footprint does a project like that entail ? why does talk of war – continually push up against our already stretched-to-the-limit psychic
ambience day-to-day / dream to dream.
no, don’t frigging build another nuclear-powered submarine / just frigging do the world a favor, and ban them – all. across the globe / no exceptions.
just start shutting it down, people.

no wonder, all people want to contemplate – are . . . QUILTS.
creative, sustainable, peaceful solutions – let the alternative world – begin, already.
we miss you, so much . . John Lennon.