~JACOB JACKMAUH . . micro wall works

btw, JACOB JACKMAUH a current co-director of ART LOT BROOKLYN,
also likes to . . . ‘micro-dose’ his art work.
and, pretty – seriously, too !!!

cast aluminum, varnish, hardware.
6-3/4 x 5-7/8 x 5/8 in.
all photos via Instagram @jacob_jackmauh

that’s pretty damn . . radical. hardcore – to the core. the narrative, too.
hardcore contrarian – radical.
micro-dosing / esp. as in 3-d micro-sculpture, is to fabricate / design / create . . small, but super wonderous objects, that have the potential to make out-size impressions, leap-frog your imagination, and . . . just plain ole jog – your mind-set.
I’d say: mission accomplished . . !!

JACOB (JAKE) JACKMAUH, ‘B09CDBK9RF’ – staged on a wall.
of course, a BIG part of BEING BIG / LITTLE . . !!
is how the work is presented / is it going to be displayed on a big wall, that is otherwise empty, to show up its micro-ness ?
or, is it more 3D, and placed on a wall-shelf / or even, supported by a pedestal.

JACOB JACKMAUH, ‘Huddled Mass I’, 2022.
discarded fiberglass and resin mold fragment, moss, lichen, dirt, pine needles, acrylic paint, varnish, hardware.
39-1/4 x 42-5/6 x 8-3/4 in.

this project is a little larger, and (only) a little more conventional, than ‘B09CDBK9RF’ above / but – it still counts.
the interesting part here, apart from the narrative of the materials, and the classic shape, of course / is how it’s . . . . presented.

JACOB JACKMAUH, ‘Huddled Mass I’.

JACOB JACKMAUH, ‘Civic Virtue’, 2022.
biodegradable paper straws, brass plated paper fasteners, sugar free chewing gum, saliva.
22 x 23 x 23 in.

I actually posted the above piece, a mini-geodesic ‘straw’ dome, this past Dec 2022.
it’s still very relevant, and maybe the forerunner of my mini-moment of micro-dose consciousness / euphoria . . . !!
esp. in that it wasn’t tied to a vernacular object, such as a ‘lightswitch’.
the scale of an art work in a photo – is often left open / to the beholder.

what’s striking here – is also another aspect of being a genuine micro-dose, and, that is – the photo staging !!!
as well as, the ‘in real life’ staging.

at first photo glance – one is certainly feed the illusion, that this is a really large ‘faux’ straw geodesic dome, esp. because of that clever background horizon line that reads as the point where a classic white gallery wall, meets a concrete gallery floor / the concrete-toned table base is key to the illusion, as well.

see how these tiny things are kicking madly to get free / and, be recognized in all their mini-glory ?!!
just like a tiny squirrel struggling to get free – in your hands . . !!

the days of . . . CLAES OLDENBERG, JEFF KOONS, and maybe even URS FISCHER / are over.
I mean – and, so are the 80s !!
that art ball that once was a room-sized joke, is now a beach ball, if not . . .
a marble. a craft bead. and even, . . . a tiny unicorn.

see: jacobjackmauh.com

ALL PHOTOS: COURTESY of the ARTIST / via Instagram @jacob_jackmauh