UNDER THE VOLCANO, watch out !!

MARTOS GALLERY is offering several ‘knock-you-out-of-the-box’ works, of varied sizes & mediums . . .
by the late, great . . DAN ASHER.
they are on view at their BOOTH #2.04, NADA.

ok, so listen up.
DAN ASHER . . has not seen his glory days yet, in terms of the market, but that’s just because – the market is slow, and d-u-m-b.
everybody who is anybody in NYC, has a couple of, if not 10 of . . Dan’s works tucked away.
& filed under: BEST POTENTIAL – TO BLOW UP . . BIG !!
I would take one DAN ASHER – for any 10 pieces YOU are buying.
that’s for sure.

if you have any art ‘eyeballs’ whatsoever, you’d be rushing over & buying them – up.
MARTOS seems to have priced them – as close to the bone as he can.

DAN ASHER, ‘Untitled’, 1981.
pastel on paper, 16.75 x 13.75 in.

DAN ASHER, ‘Untitled’, 1980s.
tempera on paper, 25.25 x 19.25 in.

DAN ASHER, ‘Untitled’, 1982.
oil stick and acrylic on canvas. 48 x 75 in.

see more images: DAN ASHER at MARTOS – scroll down

all images courtesy: MARTOS GALLERY.