~Francisco Costa, Adam Weinberg & Brendan Cass

Francisco Costa, Adam Weinberg, Brendan Cass

from left, artist BRENDAN CASS, with center, FRANCISCO COSTA, the newly appointed creative director of the Calvin Klein Collection for Women, and on the right, ADAM WEINBERG, Director of the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. Photographed at the Calvin Klein Women’s Collection flagship store, on Madison Avenue, at the opening of “WHERE FASHION MEETS ART” (2005) , NYC, April 28, 2005.

Photo: Nancy Smith

BRENDAN CASS was selected by the Calvin Klein group to install some of his ‘I LOVE NY’ paintings in their flagship store for the “WHERE FASHION MEETS ART” event, last April 2005. Brendan Cass and his Calvin Klein installation, was by far the best presentation on Madison Ave that evening.. apparently an acccurate & prescient indicator of the now much acclaimed fashion forward outlook, and design intelligence, of the man picked to succeed Calvin Klein, FRANCISCO COSTA.

to see some of the BRENDAN CASS paintings installed in the Calvin Klein store, as well as photos of the opening: more photos