~Abe Lincoln, Jr./Kid Robot

abe-kid robot

Abe Linclon, Jr. Proudly Announces His First Toy Design with Kid Robot’s Dunny Series 3 !

… let the man, speak for himself :

“Hey everybody. I am pretty freaking excited to announce that I’ve got a design coming out in Kid Robot’s Dunny Series 3. As if that’s not cool enuff, my design was selected to be one of the “chase” figures in the series (meaning they’re produced in smaller runs and they’re top secret til someone gets one and posts it on some internet message board).

HINT: Mine is the blacked out one with the “fez” looking hat, but its not a fez.

… lastly before I leave you alone is that on JULY 27th ( that’s this THURSDAY !!) Kid Robot will be having a Dunny Trading Party at all of their stores. I’ll be at the New York store with stuff to trade if anyone wants to come down and meet up with me and MishkaNYC. Check here for more details.”

Kid Robot NYC – is located at: 126 Prince St., Soho.