so, all you losers who missed the link, or didn’t have . . 5 crummy minutes to see what I’m a talking about !!
Lordy, why do I even, . . BOTHER !!!!!!

NICHOLAS STEINDORF made a short summary / walk-though of ‘UNDER THE VOLCANO’ / the digital interactive ‘game’ . .
that re-constructs our 2015 pop-up show !!
on the amazing & very futuristic, global-minded . . VIRTUAL DREAM CENTER platform.

it’s so great, and gritty. it has a fantastic soundtrack, you missed it ?
here’s your second chance !!

see: ‘UNDER THE VOLCANO’ walk-through – by NICHOLAS STEINDORF / YouTube.

it’s a video game, you know ?????
except, instead of chasing terrorists in NYC, or gang auto theft in LA, you are looking at historical art / from the incubator Lower East Side in the 80s / in a storefront – on the Bowery & Delancey, in the summer of 2015 !!!
first, Nicholas sets the stage.

yeah. . a pop-up, pretty much on the corner of . . DELANCEY & THE BOWERY !!

NICHOLAS is great with the telling detail. detail, detail, details !!
and, so f-u-n-n-y.
what else to expect from the creator of the – notorious / digital ZACH series,
DIG !! those garbage bags, and the fallen . . traffic cones.
yes, this must be: NEW YORK CITY !!
that’s our show, as it really was, at the center / behind those stereo-typical NYC green construction / ordinance wood panels / & those are our posters, plastered to them !!

come inside !!!!!
DAN ASHER on the left, and NANCY SMITH on the right . . beckon: come in.
ah, those c-r-a-z-y live wires . . of the 80s art scene / how we miss ’em !!!
they knew . . EVERYBODY !!
and they had an opinion, on everyone, too.
no-holds barred. hard-core. but dammit: BEAUTIFUL.
‘RASTA’ . . at heart !!

SIMON on the other hand, was more reticent with the criticism, (in public !!)
but . . more free-flowing with the gossip !!
after all, he wanted to get into every party, and I mean every p-a-r-t-y.
it wasn’t a par-tay, if Simon wasn’t there, that’s . . fer sure.

that’s my baby blue paint, pregnant with baby Kate, gypsy sprite . . on paper at the right, tambourine & all.
I didn’t know it then, but I was a ‘dancer’ – on the tip of the volcano’s edge !!
on the left-hand side, are our brief bios – provided by the curators: KATE & THEO CERIGO.
Simon and mine . . artist kids, by any definition / straight-up from the crucible, Rivington & the Bowery.
and Dan ? Dan . . was like their crotchety old uncle.
spoiling them with sushi, and millions of quarters falling out of his pockets, when he was in the money.
giving them sober life lessons, that they never forgot: when he was down & . . broke.

to think, the ghost of DAN ASHER gets to gaze at my paintings & drawings . . FOR_EVER.
if they were only 2 people, who liked my work in this dumb town, and got it: it was Simon & Dan.
who needs the – masses ?!!!!!
with those 2 . . on-board !!

in a digital universe – there is no death !!
there is no FADE-AWAY.
all – is INFINITE !!
the future – IS THE PAST !!
& THE MATRIX – takes on MORE meaning / when the ‘past’ can get . . a second LIFE !!

if you want to see more !!: ‘UNDER THE VOLCANO’ – WALK-THROUGH by NICHOLAS STEINDORF / on YouTube / approx 5 mins.

to get the entire FREE INTERACTIVE DOWNLOAD: go to . . VIRTUAL DREAM CENTER / 1.1 / 26.01.2017