THIS SHOW is curated by LUKE MURPHY who tells us – the exhibit will include some 11 major works by GERALD FERGUSON, and is accompanied by a super interesting catalog – with essays and pieces by – LAWRENCE WEINER, DONALD KUSPIT, and PEGGY GALE.

GERALD FERGUSON, 1937-2009 – was a one-man innovative force field in the conceptual art world. I’m thinking this show is a homage to his own art, as well as to the lasting contribution and influence he had on many a young and aspiring artist – most likely including Luke Murphy himself – over his long, 37 year, and apparently legendary teaching career – at the highly esteemed NOVA SCOTIA COLLEGE of ART and DESIGN (NSCAD).

see you at the opening !!

and HAPPY NEW YEAR – a great artistic – kick-off in what looks to be a super auspicious power year: the notorious 2012 !! from the Mayan calendar on thru the return of Saturn, after a 30 year absence – yo, it’s . . . the dawning of the Age of Aquarius !!
in the Chinese Horoscope, the year 2012 – is the year of the black water dragon !! the dragon a most vivid mythical and powerful creature in many cultures, here it is defined as the ultimate power with his force coming straight from heaven, whose black water attributes mean he “is obligated to do his best for the good of others”. a nice sync with our western celestial god, and planet, Saturn – the god of agriculture (nourishment) and justice – you reap what you sow.

throw the dice, boys . . . . game on !!

for more info: canadanewyork.com