~HEADS, you win.

or: THE THEORY Of EVERYTHING . . . . . . !!

Heads, you win.
tails, you lose !!

I like getting a lot of my art from Instagram right now.
it sure beats the hell out of running all over the island – and the 5 boroughs !!
plus it has it’s own – brand of random magic.

TRAVIS MILLARD – image via @theotherfudge
for doggy down, tails-you-lose days, it’s fun to see this pop up, for sure !!
Instagram . . is no country – for cry crybabies !!

CAROLINE CALDWELL – image via @dirt_worship
her caption: “When ur thigh needs a fabulous demon u submit” . . .
likewise, feeling jaded & exploited ? and needing of someone else’s dark narrative – dirt_worship is usually – your go-to-girl !!

ERNESTO ZACHAREVIC, street mural for nuart15, Norway
image via @bkstreetart – BSA / BROOKLYN STREET ART
then when your house is not only in order, but ON FIRE !!
voila. the digital realm pops open – with a ‘cross stitch’ meets street art – burner !!

ALLYSON MELLBERG-TAYLOR & JEREMY TAYLOR . . image via @matokietaylor
Allyson’s commentary: “all the silk applique parts were dyed with indigo we grew …”
and then when, you are totally in the present, something that hits even more close to your inner spiritual American homeland – heart, will float right by . . . with the ease of a cloud: a big dream, plenty of hands-on skills, and with all the celestial constellations – in order, but still: a mystery !!
and, note: it’s the head, the face . . that nails it, as cutting edge,
as in: m-y-s-t-e-r-y !! !!

TAYLOR McKIMENS – image via @taylormckimens
‘STOIC YOUTH’ . . . the digital generation is not so much into voicing controversy, or getting more than skin deep into communicating . . but, heads tell the story . . !!
and sometimes heads – they roll, like dice. one coning right after the other, and in this case, Taylor’s post on my feed – was followed by:

BARRY McGEE – image via @barrymcgeeart
yes. best stick to images – to tell the stories, Instagram does not so much like split milk, and telling . . . tales !!
unless, it’s archival . . .

Owl’s Head – by ANDREW GUENTHER @eattheleaf
image via @artloversnewyork
commentary: owl image by Andrew Guenther, cut-out from the card for his show – SIMON CERIGO curated in May 2007. in a Chelsea, NYC gallery & used as a ‘heading’ from which a paper banner hung, paper banner by Nancy Smith – made for her OTHER MUSIC show, NYC 2009.

so, yep . . . Fall 2015, the take-away, is:

the ‘Heads’ have it, only don’t be too talky, and above all – don’t get mad !!
just let the fingers . . do the walkin’ !!
no . . tales !!

ps: crackin’ jokes . . is iffy, too.

jokes – apparently went down, when Joan Rivers did.
unless you happen to specialize – in them !!
and, then of course your logo – is headless !!


only for the brave-of-heart !!
only for those who can throw back a good laugh & return it – if they are the victim . . !!
& if an artist can’t be a rebel, and stick it to the man – then, who can ?!!