~’Love of the Common Man’ . . GAZEBO / DANIEL GIORDANO . . one last look

I really am fascinated by this piece.
the title.
the materials.
the lightness of the construct / yet the dark, underworld – undertones.
the sense of craft, as well as . . art.
a lightness of being / and yet . . an entry to a way scary place.
dust to dust.
and . . a lightness of being. perfecto.

up at GAZEBO thru April 14 / 12 – 6 PM


DANIEL GIORDANO, ‘Self-Portrait 150 Years From Now’, 2018-2019,
moisturizing face mask, cuttlefish ink, dust, acrylic polymer emulsion, urinal cake, epoxy paste,
wire hanger. 15.5 x 12 x 7 in.

PHOTOS via Instagram @danieljgiordano